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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020A computational theory for the model construction, inspection and variation phase in human spatial reasoningHolldobler, S.
2018A core method for the weak completion semantics with skeptical abductionHolldobler, S.
2019A core method for the weak completion semantics with skeptical abduction (extended abstract)Holldobler, S.
2017An abstract dual propositional model counterHolldobler, S.
2019Cognitive reasoning: a personal viewHolldobler, S.
2020Conditional reasoning and relevanceHolldobler, S.
2017Contextual abduction and its complexity issuesHolldobler, S.
2017Contextual reasoning: usually birds can abductively flyHolldobler, S.
2019Do humans reason with -matchers?Holldobler, S.
2018Ethical decision making under the weak completion semanticsHolldobler, S.
2023Humans Reason SkepticallyHolldobler, S.
2022Identifying Noise Variables in Singular Decisions using Counterfactual ReasoningHolldobler, S.
2017Lessons learned from AlphaGoHolldobler, S.
2017Monadic reasoning using weak completion semanticsHolldobler, S.
2017Obligation versus factual conditionals under the weak completion semanticsHolldobler, S.
2021Our themes on abduction in human reasoning: a synopsisHolldobler, S.
2019PrefaceHolldobler, S.
2017The complexity of contextual abduction in human reasoning tasksHolldobler, S.
2018The syllogistic reasoning task: reasoning principles and heuristic strategies in modeling human clustersHolldobler, S.
2020The weak completion semantics and counter examplesHolldobler, S.