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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Foreign judges and communal authorities in the legislative and legal space of florence in the second half of the 14th centuryKrasnova, I. A.; Краснова, И. А.
2020Hungarian nobility of the 16th-17th centuries searching for estate and ethnic identityKrasnova, I. A.; Краснова, И. А.
2017Importance of family law in politics of the florentine commune: the case of firidolfi vendettaKrasnova, I. A.; Краснова, И. А.
2018Levels of perception of antiquity by Florence citizens (according to family books, diaries, correspondence)Krasnova, I. A.; Краснова, И. А.; Telmenko, E. P.; Тельменко, Е. П.
2020Patriotism and criticism of the defects of the commune in Florence 14th - 15th centuriesKrasnova, I. A.; Краснова, И. А.
2017Small and medium estates of florentine citizens: the significance of "Poderes" and "Villas" in everyday lifeKrasnova, I. A.; Краснова, И. А.
2019The establishment of social cohesion in celebratory practices and rituals in Florence of the 13th - 15t centuriesKrasnova, I. A.; Краснова, И. А.
2023The Florentine Commune, Society and the Guelph Party in 1382—1393: the Price of the State’s VictoryKrasnova, I. A.; Краснова, И. А.
2022The importance of publicity factors in the opposition of the Florentine society to the dictatorship of the guelph partyKrasnova, I. A.; Краснова, И. А.
2022Transformation of Images of Perception of Socio-Political Changes in Florence in the Last Quarter of the XIV- Early XV CenturiesKrasnova, I. A.; Краснова, И. А.
2020Urban communities of the 14th - 15th centuries: The bonds of self-organization and conflictsKrasnova, I. A.; Краснова, И. А.
2019Всеобщая историяКрючков, И. В.; Кудрявцев, А. А.; Краснова, И. А.; Беликов, А. П.; Коробкина, И. А.; Крючкова, Н. Д.; Кудрявцев, Е. А.; Пантюхина, Т. В.; Тельменко, Е. П.; Садченко, В. Н.; Амбарцумян, К. Р.; Величко, Л. Н.; Польская, С. А.
2020Политические реформы во Флоренции 1494-1495 гг. "закон о всеобщем мире и праве на апелляцию "шести бобов"Краснова, И. А.; Тельменко, Е. П.