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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Competence-based approach to the HR management using in industrial branchGorlov, S. M.; Горлов, С. М.; Lazareva, N. V.; Лазарева, Н. В.; Fursov, V. A.; Фурсов, В. А.
2020Digitalization as a new direction in education sphereGorlov, S. M.; Горлов, С. М.
2021Influence of financial and economic factors on the sustainable development of russian agricultureGorlov, S. M.; Горлов, С. М.
2019Methodology of the institutional approach to structuring of the elements of management of the agrarian sphere’s developmentGorlov, S. M.; Горлов, С. М.; Lovyannikova, V. V.; Ловянникова, В. В.; Syromyatnikov, D. A.; Сыромятников, Д. А.
2018Monitoring of efficiency of Russian agricultural enterprises functioning and reserves for their sustainable developmentGorlov, S. M.; Горлов, С. М.
2022State support as a factor of sustainable development of agriculture: World experience and national specificsGorshenin, A. Y.; Горшенин, А. Ю.; Gorlov, S. M.; Горлов, С. М.
2016The methodology for the formation of the regional food-producing clustersDotdueva, Z. S.; Дотдуева, З. С.; Gorlov, S. M.; Горлов, С. М.; Marchenko, E. V.; Марченко, Е. В.; Takhumova, O. V.; Тахумова, О. В.; Kaverzin, S. A.; Каверзин, С. А.
2021The problems of employment and unemployment on regional labor markets in the digital economyGorlov, S. M.; Горлов, С. М.; Sharunova, E. V.; Шарунова, Е. В.
2021Youth entrepreneurship as a factor in solving socio-economic problems in the conditions of the coronavirus pandemicBoris, O. A.; Борис, О. А.; Parakhina, V. N.; Парахина, В. Н.; Gorlov, S. M.; Горлов, С. М.