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2015Different types of v amylose-lipid inclusion complexes in maize extrudates revealed by DSC analysisMartirosyan, V. V.; Мартиросян, В. В.
2015Methodology to assess the efficiency of the Russian Federation foreign economic activityGurianov, V. M.; Гурьянов, В. М.
2015Influence of the tissue preparation "NICA-EM" on morphofunctional condition of a liver of rats at norm and at experimental non-alcoholic steatohepatitisTimchenko, L. D.; Тимченко, Л. Д.; Rzhepakovsky, I. V.; Ржепаковский, И. В.
2015Application of block elements method to calculate the electromechanical systems magnetic field and force characteristicsPashkovskiy, A. V.; Пашковский, А. В.
2015Phenomenonal role of physical excercise in human lifeKurys, V. N.; Курысь, В. Н.; Smyshnov, K. M.; Смышнов, К. М.; Yatsynin, A. I.; Яцынин, А. И.
2015Theoretical approaches to understanding the relationship of ideology and everyday lifeSagalaeva, E. S.; Сагалаева, Е. С.
2015Calculation of the Schottky barrier height at the contact between a metal and (SiC)1–x(AlN)x semiconductor solid solutionAltukhov, V. I.; Алтухов, В. И.; Kasyanenko, I. S.; Касьяненко, И. С.; Sankin, A. V.; Санкин, А. В.
2015The European Union and the police of the EU member states in the beginning of the 21st Century: Some results and prospectsVorotilina, T. V.; Воротилина, Т. В.; Lauta, O. N.; Лаута, О. Н.; Popova, L. A.; Попова, Л. А.; Pervyshov, Y. A.; Первышов, Е. А.; Kiselev, A. K.; Киселев, А. К.
2015The complexity of understanding crimes against the order of governanceKibalnik, A. G.; Кибальник, А. Г.
2015Improvement of wear resistance of VK6, VK8, T5K10, and T15K6 hard alloys by volume pulsed laser hardeningPinakhin, I. A.; Пинахин, И. А.; Chernigovskii, V. A.; Черниговский, В. А.; Bratsikhin, A. A.; Брацихин, А. А.; Yagmurov, M. A.; Ягмуров, М. А.
2015Anisotropy in the electronic work function of crystals of 3d metalsAref`eva, L. P.; Арефьева, Л. П.
2015Institutional transformations and assessment of profitability of the interregional distribution grid companies` activityNovoselova, N. N.; Новоселова, Н. Н.
2015New approach for lactose transglycosylation into galactooligosaccharidesKhramtsov, A. G.; Храмцов, А. Г.; Evdokimov, I. A.; Евдокимов, И. А.; Lodygin, A. D.; Лодыгин, А. Д.; Rodnaya, A. B.; Родная, А. Б.
20153D pixel-based stochastic lithofacies modeling in a tidal sandstone reservoirBondarenko, M. A.; Бондаренко, М. А.
2015Anti-inflammatory effect of NICA-EM in rodent models of acute inflammationTimchenko, L. D.; Тимченко, Л. Д.; Rzhepakovsky, I. V.; Ржепаковский, И. В.
2015The introduction of technology for producing thin, multilayer, polyethylene heat shrink films with improved processing and service characteristicsDanilova-Volkovskaya, G. M.; Данилова-Волковская, Г. М.
2015The Russian specificity of developing process of the disbalance in structure of the individual human capitalRud, N. Y.; Рудь, Н. Ю.
2015Fleas (Siphonaptera) of mammals and birds in the Great CaucasusKotti, B. K.; Котти, Б. К.
2015Two-dimensional analytical model of dry air thermal convectionZakinyan, R. G.; Закинян, Р. Г.; Zakinyan, A. R.; Закинян, А. Р.; Lukinov, A. A.; Лукинов, А. А.
2015Simulation of the kinetics of phosphorescence buildup of energy donor molecules in matrix-isolated donor–acceptor pairsZhdanova, N. V.; Жданова, Н. В.; Deryabin, M. I.; Дерябин, М. И.; Tishchenko, A. B.; Тищенко, А. В.