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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021A high-order L2 type difference scheme for the time-fractional diffusion equationAlikhanov, A. A.; Алиханов, А. А.
2021A mathematical model of load distribution for data center server clustersMochalov, V. P.; Мочалов, В. П.; Bratchenko, N. Y.; Братченко, Н. Ю.; Linets, G. I.; Линец, Г. И.
2021A method for identifying factual corruption of the navigation signal and identifying the interference influence on unmanned aerial vehicle receiverLinets, G. I.; Линец, Г. И.; Sagdeev, K. M.; Сагдеев, К. М.; Melnikov, S. V.; Мельников, С. В.; Isaev, M. A.; Исаев, М. А.; Isaev, A. M.; Исаев, А. М.
2021A method for planning the trajectory of a mobile robot in an unknown environment with obstaclesTebueva, F. B.; Тебуева, Ф. Б.; Pavlov, A. S.; Павлов, А. С.
2021A method for predicting the evolvement of an emergency zone based on artificial neural networksPetrenko, V. I.; Петренко, В. И.; Tebueva, F. B.; Тебуева, Ф. Б.; Antonov, V. O.; Антонов, В. О.; Svistunov, N. Y.; Свистунов, Н. Ю.; Kabinyakov, M. Y.; Кабиняков, М. Ю.; Garanzha, A. V.; Гаранжа, А. В.; Zavolokina, U. V.; Заволокина, У. В.
2021A method of counteracting Byzantine robots with a random behavior strategy during collective design-making in swarm robotic systemsTebueva, F. B.; Тебуева, Ф. Б.; Ryabtsev, S. S.; Рябцев, С. С.; Struchkov, I. V.; Стручков, И. В.
2020A method of increasing digital filter performance based on truncated multiply-accumulate unitsLyakhov, P. A.; Ляхов, П. А.; Valueva, M. V.; Валуева, М. В.; Valuev, G. V.; Валуев, Г. В.
2021A multi-domain spectral collocation method for Volterra integral equations with a weakly singular kernelAlikhanov, A. A.; Алиханов, А. А.
2021A new method of sign detection in RNS based on modified chinese remainder theoremLyakhov, P. A.; Ляхов, П. А.; Valueva, M. V.; Валуева, М. В.
2020A robotic complex control method based on deep reinforcement learning of recurrent neural networks for automatic harvesting of greenhouse cropsPetrenko, V. I.; Петренко, В. И.; Tebueva, F. B.; Тебуева, Ф. Б.; Gurchinsky, M. M.; Гурчинский, М. М.; Antonov, V. O.; Антонов, В. О.
2021A survey on privacy-preserving machine learning with fully homomorphic encryptionBabenko, M. G.; Бабенко, М. Г.
2021About cloud storage systems survivabilityKucherov, N. N.; Кучеров, Н. Н.; Dvoryaninova, I. V.; Дворянинова, И. В.; Babenko, M. G.; Бабенко, М. Г.; Sotnikova, N. А.; Сотникова Н. А.
2021About one property of number rank in RNSBabenko, M. G.; Бабенко, М. Г.; Golimblevskaia, E. I.; Голимблевская, Е. И.
2021Algorithm for constructing modular projections for correcting multiple errors based on a redundant residue number system using maximum likelihood decodingBabenko, M. G.; Бабенко, М. Г.; Nazarov, A. S.; Назаров, А. С.; Vashchenko, I. S.; Ващенко, И. С.
2021Analysis of communication channels for the organization of control and interaction of UAVs from the security viewpointLapina, M. A.; Лапина, М. А.
2020Analysis of residue number system corrective properties for designing reliable cloud storageBerezhnoy, V. V.; Бережной, В. В.; Kuchukova, E. A.; Кучукова, Е. А.
2021Analysis of security problems in groups of intelligent sensorsLapina, M. A.; Лапина, М. А.
2021Analytical method for determining the interval of spatial correlation of fading in a single-beam decameter radio linePashintsev, V. P.; Пашинцев, В. П.; Chipiga, A. F.; Чипига, А. Ф.
2021Analytical review of the methods of dynamic load balancing under conditions of uncertainty in the execution time of tasksShiriaev, E. M.; Ширяев, Е. М.; Kucherov, N. N.; Кучеров, Н. Н.; Kuchukov, V. A.; Кучуков, В. А.
2020Anisotropy of magnetic fluid conductivity in constant magnetic fieldsChekanov, V. S.; Чеканов, В. С.