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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Actualization of competencies of graduates-engineers in RussiaKosintseva, Y. F.; Косинцева, Ю. Ф.
2017Aspects of organization and management of enterprise marketing activitiesLeghebokov, A. A.; Лежебоков, А. А.
2021Assessment of the labor potential of the Stavropol regionLukyanova, A. Y.; Лукьянова, А. Ю.; Fedorova, S. A.; Федорова, С. А.; Prostyakov, A. A.; Простяков, А. А.
2015Attitudes and tolerance in the structure of individual readiness for intercultural interactionBanshchikova, T. N.; Банщикова, Т. Н.; Solomonov, V. A.; Соломонов, В. А.; Fomina, E. A.; Фомина, Е. А.
2021Augmented reality in the training process of children with hearing disordersKatrenko, M. V.; Катренко, М. В.; Savin, D. I.; Савин, Д. И.
2016Characteristics of the essence of volunteering in psychologyShagurova, A. A.; Шагурова, А. А.; Efremova, G. I.; Ефремова, Г. И.; Bochkovskaya, I. A.; Бочковская, И. А.
2017Cluster management in the regional economy of the Russia: Formation and developmentBarsukova, T. I.; Барсукова, Т. И.
2018Competitive radio location process design at every stage of long-term training systemZelensky, K. G.; Зеленский, К. Г.
2019Conceptual approaches to formation of financial strategy of a higher education institutionMomotova, O. N.; Момотова, О. Н.; Belokon, L. V.; Белоконь, Л. В.; Mayboroda, T. A.; Майборода, Т. А.; Stroi, G. V.; Строй, Г. В.
2018CONCEPTUAL BASIS OF THE MODERN SOCIAL STATE AND SOCIAL RIGHTKlushina, N. P.; Klushina, E. A.; Клушина, Н. П.; Клушина, Е. А.
2020Cross-cultural and gender measurement invariance of the intrapersonal and interpersonal emotional competence questionnaireBelasheva, I. V.; Белашева, И. В.
2015Deformation of the self-consciousness of adolescents as a consequence of psychological addiction to computer gamesPetrova, I. V.; Петрова, И. В.; Efremova, G. I.; Ефремова, Г. И.; Shagurova, A. A.; Шагурова, А. А.
2019Designing professional competence of leaders of the regional agrarian sectorBarsukova, T. I.; Барсукова, Т. И.
2016Detailed studies of ontogenetic changes in EEG parameters in men and women during the reproductive periodVodolazhsky, G. I.; Водолажский, Г. И.; Chadova, I. N.; Чадова, И. Н.
2017Determinants of regional university development in modern RussiaSmyshnov, K. M.; Смышнов, К. М.; Kharchenko, L. N.; Харченко, Л. Н.
2020Development of digital intelligence among participants of inclusive educational processSolovyeva, O. V.; Соловьева, О. В.; Palieva, N. A.; Палиева, Н. А.; Borozinets, N. M.; Борозинец, Н. М.; Kozlovskaya, G. Y.; Козловская, Г. Ю.; Prilepko, Y. V.; Прилепко, Ю. В.
2016Diagnostics of psychosomatic risk in psychotherapeutic practiceEfremova, G. I.; Ефремова, Г. И.; Timoshenko, G. V.; Тимошенко, Г. В.; Leonenko, E. A.; Леоненко, Е. А.; Bochkovskaya, I. A.; Бочковская, И. А.
2019Didactic support for the formation of self-control skills in foreign textbooks: alternative approachesKurys, V. N.; Курысь, В. Н.; Magin, V. A.; Магин, В. А.; Ozerov, V. P.; Озеров, В. П.
2021Digitalization of higher education, the crisis of educational culture and Russian economic developmentPetrova, N. F.; Петрова, Н. Ф.
2021Eating behavior, sleep self-assessment and personality traits of students with extreme chronotypesBudkevich, R. O.; Будкевич, Р. О.; Budkevich, E. V.; Будкевич, Е. В.; Banshchikova, T. N.; Банщикова, Т. Н.