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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015A methodology for conducting hierarchical analysis of the development of local mono-product marketsBerezhnaya, O. V.; Бережная, О. В.; Taran, O. L.; Таран, О. Л.
2019Abnormal high radon exhalation levels on the mount Beshtau, North CaucasusSidyakin, P. A.; Сидякин, П. А.
2019Abuse of rights in corporate legal relations: the concept and characteristics, subjects and formsDyachenko, O. V.; Дьяченко, О. В.
2020Agricultural products moisture content measurement error estimation with the use of a four-element capacitive sensor modelDanchenko, I. V.; Данченко, И. В.; Masyutina, G. V.; Масютина, Г. В.
2018An efficient strategy for the development of tourism at regional levelKovalenko, A. A.; Коваленко, А. А.; Bondarenko, N. G.; Бондаренко, Н. Г.
2019Analysis of the accidents causes at different stages of the construction object life cycleDanilova-Volkovskaya, G. M.; Данилова-Волковская, Г. М.
2018Analysis of the spectral characteristics of complex phase-manipulated signals in the basis of the mellin integral transformErmakov, A. S.; Ермаков, А. С.
2019Application of Fourier series in distributed control systems simulationMartirosyan, A. A.; Мартиросян, А. А.; Martirosyan, K. V.; Мартиросян, К. В.; Chernyshev, A. B.; Чернышев, А. Б.
2020Application of integral transforms in algorithms for detecting signals against a background of noise under priori uncertainty using the mellin's transformsErmakov, A. S.; Ермаков, А. С.
2021Application of machine learning methods in modeling hydrolithospheric processesDrovosekova, T. I.; Дровосекова, Т. И.; Pershin, I. M.; Першин, И. М.
2018Approximation models for the hydrolitospheric processesPershin, M. I.; Першин, М. И.; Papush, E. G.; Папуш, Е. Г.
2021Artificial intelligence in politics Global leadership and the risks of competitive struggleKardanova, M. L.; Карданова, М. Л.
2022Assessment and integral indexing of the main indicators of oil and gas companies by circular convolutionRud, N. Y.; Рудь, Н. Ю.
2016Assessment compliance of qualitative food characteristics to standard requirementsSadovoy, V. V.; Садовой, В. В.; Shchedrina, T. V.; Щедрина, Т. В.
2022Assessment of a hydrogeological object's distributed control system stabilityMartirosyan, K. V.; Мартиросян, К. В.; Chernyshev, A. B.; Чернышев, А. Б.
2018Assessment of noise pollution at municipal economy objects in PyatigorskSidyakin, P. A.; Сидякин, П. А.
2016Assessment of potential companies based on performance and financial component under conditions of new economic growth modelNovoselova, N. N.; Новоселова, Н. Н.
2019Assessment of qualitative indicators of drinking water and their influence on human health, as ecological safety factor of populationSemenova, E. A.; Семенова, Е. А.
2021Assessment of the nutritional value and prospects of using ziziphus fruit for a healthy human dietLimareva, N. S.; Лимарева, Н. С.
2019Assessment of the prospect of using the hydropower potential in the operating water-supply and irrigation systems of Savropol krai (Russia)Semenova, E. A.; Семенова, Е. А.