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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019An Approach of the Wavelet-Fuzzy Controller of Vector Control System by the Induction MotorKoldaev, A. I.; Колдаев, А. И.; Evdokimov, A. A.; Евдокимов, А. А.; Samoylenko, D. V.; Самойленко, Д. В.; Kocherov, Y. N.; Кочеров, Ю. Н.
2019An Approach to Multidimensional Nonlinear OptimizationBoldyrev, D. V.; Болдырев, Д. В.; Pashkovskiy, A. V.; Пашковский, А. В.
2019Analysis of the Spectral Characteristics of Complex Phase-Manipulated Signals in the Basis of the Mellin Integral TransformErmakov, A. S.; Ермаков, А. С.
2019Approximation Models for the Hydrolitospheric ProcessesPershin, M. I.; Першин, М. И.; Papush, E. G.; Паруш, Е. Г.
2019Conditions of Application of Distributed Systems Synthesis Methods to Multidimensional ObjectPershin, I. M.; Першин, И. М.
2019Development of an Antinoise Method of Data Sharing Based on the Application of a Two-Step-Up System of Residual ClassesKocherov, Y. N.; Кочеров, Ю. Н.; Samoylenko, D. V.; Самойленко, Д. В.; Koldaev, A. I.; Колдаев, А. И.
2019Development of Prognostic Neural Network Models Based on Non-Positional Coding for Automatic Control SystemsTikhonov, E. E.; Тихонов, Е. Е.; Sosin, A. I.; Сосин, А. И.
2019Generic Mathematical Model of the Hydrotreating Diesel Fuel ReactorNetsvetaeva, K. I.; Нецветаева, К. И.; Ahmadova, Z. A. - H.; Ахмадова, З. А. - Х.
2019Optimization of Neural Network Computation with use of Residual Number System for Tasks of Design of Neural Network Systems of Automatic ControlTikhonov, E. E.; Тихонов, Е. Е.; Sosin, A. I.; Сосин, А. И.; Evdokimov, A. A.; Евдокимов, А. А.