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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022On the issue of the specifics of cossack education in the Russian empire (on the example of the Don army)Kolesnikova, M. E.; Колесникова, М. Е.
2018Russia and Austria-Hungary: non-political dialogue of two empires in the last third of the XIXth - the beginning of the XXth centuryKryuchkov, I. V.; Крючков, И. В.; Kryuchkova, N. D.; Крючкова, Н. Д.
2022Russia's Attitude to the “Armenian Issue” in the Ottoman Empire in the last quarter of the 19th centuryAmbartsumyan, K. R.; Амбарцумян, К. Р.; Kryuchkov, I. V.; Крючков, И. В.
2022Russians in the North Caucasus in the 19th century: colonization-resettlement and sociocultural processesErokhin, A. M.; Ерохин, А. М.; Avdeev, E. А.; Авдеев, Е. А.; Vorobiev, S. M.; Воробьев, С. М.
2023Sociocultural Integration of the Highlanders of the North Caucasus into the Russian Empire in the second half of the 19th centuryErokhin, A. M.; Ерохин, А. М.; Avdeev, E. А.; Авдеев, Е. А.; Vorobiev, S. M.; Воробьев, С. М.
2020The highest reports of regional heads and governors of the North Caucasus as a historical source for the study of the Russian pre-revolutionary judicial systemZozulya, I. V.; Зозуля, И. В.; Kondrashova, A. A.; Кондрашова, А. А.; Trofimov, M. S.; Трофимов, М. С.
2021The history of the study and preservation of the historical and cultural heritage of the Caucasus at the end of the 18th - first third of the 20th centuries: source study and historiographic reviewErmolenko, L. P.; Ермоленко, Л. П.; Kolesnikova, M. E.; Колесникова, М. Е.
2023The Trade Relations of Russia with the States of the Eastern Balkans in the late XIX – early XX centuries (1898–1912) and the Problem of Borrowing the Experience of Austria-Hungary in the Reports of Russian DiplomatsKryuchkov, I. V.; Крючков, И. В.