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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Assessment and integral indexing of the main indicators of oil and gas companies by circular convolutionRud, N. Y.; Рудь, Н. Ю.
2022Distributed Energy as a Megatrend of Audit of Investment Processes of the Energy ComplexManuylenko, V. V.; Мануйленко, В. В.
2021Management of the energy and economic potential of nuclear waste usePushkin, S. V.; Пушкин, С. В.
2022Mechanisms for Tax Regulation of CO2-Equivalent EmissionsPanaedova, G. I.; Панаедова, Г. И.
2022Modeling multivalued dynamic series of financial indexes on the basis of minimax approximationRud, N. Y.; Рудь, Н. Ю.
2021Modeling the business environment of an energy holding in the formation of a financial strategyPanaedova, G. I.; Панаедова, Г. И.
2023Modelling Optimal Capital Structure in Gas and Oil Sector by Applying Simulation Theory and Programming Language of Python (Qatar Gas Transport Company)Panaedova, G. I.; Панаедова, Г. И.
2021Optimization of the structure of the investment portfolio of high‐tech companies based on the minimax criterionPanaedova, G. I.; Панаедова, Г. И.
2023Overview of the Russian Coal Market in the Context of Geopolitical and Economic Turbulence: The European Embargo and New MarketsPanaedova, G. I.; Панаедова, Г. И.
2023Overview of the Russian Oil and Petroleum Products Market in Crisis Conditions: Economic Aspects, Technology and ProblemsPanaedova, G. I.; Панаедова, Г. И.
2023Rating of Stability of Russian Companies in Oil and Gas and Electric Power Industries Based on Interval VolatilityPanaedova, G. I.; Панаедова, Г. И.