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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Development of renewable energy sources in China in 2000s - 2010s: economic and legal aspectsTsaturyan, T. V.; Цатурян, Т. В.
2015Emigration of serbs, croats and slovenes in Russia in XIX - Beginning of XX centuryPtitsyn, A. N.; Птицын, А. Н.
2021Ethnopolitical situation in the Republics of the North Caucasus in the late 20th - early 21st centuriesShuisky, A. S.; Шуйский, А. С.; Tsaturyan, T. V.; Цатурян, Т. В.; Meshcheryakova, A. V.; Мещерякова, А. В.; Malyshkina, E. V.; Малышкина, Е. В.
2021Events of the trapezund conference in the memories of A. I. KhatisovAmbartsumyan, K. R.; Амбарцумян, К. Р.; Velichko, L. N.; Величко, Л. Н.
2021Fascist regimes in the 1920s-1930s: Theoretical foundations, political essence and historical practiceRykun, G. N.; Рыкун, Г. Н.
2021Features of the formation of the architectural appearance of provincial cities in the era of eclecticism (second half of the 19th - early 20th centuries)Rykun, G. N.; Рыкун, Г. Н.; Makhota, M. Y.; Махота, М. Ю.
2015Fires in Florence at the end of the XV centuryTelmenko, E. P.; Тельменко, Е. П.
2020Formation of the architectural appearance and infrastructure of the resort town of Pyatigorsk at the end of the 18th - first half of the 19th century. From history of religionsMakhota, M. Y.; Махота, М. Ю.; Rykun, G. N.; Рыкун, Г. Н.
2020Georgievsk treaty of 1783 as an important stage of russian foreign policy in the TranscaucasiaMenyaylov, A. A.; Меняйлов, А. А.
2021Historiography of russian-georgian relations in the second half of the xviii - early xix centuriesMukhortova, T. V.; Мухортова, Т. В.
2021Implementation of Russian state policy towards German colonists at the end of the 19th centuryMalyshkina, E. V.; Малышкина, Е. В.; Angelova, M. N.; Ангелова, М. Н.
2022Islamic communities of North Ossetia and Soviet administrative structures: specifics of relationships in 1920—1991Mukhortova, T. V.; Мухортова, Т. В.; Shevchenko, E. M.; Шевченко, Е. М.
2021Islamic religion and cultural development in the Arabian Khalifat: The character of interactionShuisky, A. S.; Шуйский, А. С.; Tsaturyan, T. V.; Цатурян, Т. В.
2020Major formation factors of international relations in the North Caucasus. Diplomacy in historyMalyshkina, E. V.; Малышкина, Е. В.; Goroshko, O. N.; Горошко, О. Н.
2022Mary Magdalene women's convent in Kuban in the matter of charity, education and enlightenment in the second half of the XIX-early XX centuryLyubushkina, E. Y.; Любушкина, Е. Ю.; Shafranova, O. I.; Шафранова, О. И.
2020Memory of the great patriotic war in memorials and monuments of the stavropol territoryMenyaylov, A. A.; Меняйлов, А. А.
2021New woman as a project of soviet social engineering in the 1920s: the experience of the north caucasus regionAmbartsumyan, K. R.; Амбарцумян, К. Р.
2021Predicting the future of north Macedonia through the prism of the education systemMalyshkina, E. V.; Малышкина, Е. В.
2021Prerequisites for the emergence of social tourism in the caucasus mineral watersKartasheva, O. A.; Карташева, О. А.; Klimova, N. Y.; Климова, Н. Ю.; Ogarkova, I. V.; Огаркова, И. В.