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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018A heuristic approach to extending the cognitive classification of English discourse markersKamensky, M. V.; Каменский, М. В.
2019Ambivalent nature of a writer's individual cognitive systemSerebryakova, S. V.; Серебрякова, С. В.; Borovitskaya, E. I.; Боровицкая, Е. И.
2018Cognitive dissonance theory as interpretation framework for interpersonal relations of charactersSerebryakova, S. V.; Серебрякова, С. В.
2015Constants of intentionality, subjectivity and modality in hermeneutical conception of senseBredikhin, S. N.; Бредихин, С. Н.
2016Frame structures in cognitive-semantic organization of narrativeGusarenko, S. V.; Гусаренко, С. В.; Gusarenko, M. K.; Гусаренко, М. К.
2017Lingvocultural research of gender-marked english proverbsSamarina, V.S.; Самарина, В. С.; Nezhelskaya, G. N.; Нежельская, Г. Н.; Gubanova, L. G.; Губанова, Л. Г.
2016Subject-Object Asymmetry In Speech RecognitionBredikhin, S. N.; Бредихин, С. Н.; Serebryakova, S. V.; Серебрякова, С. В.
2016Techniques of semantic construct discretion and objectivation in the light of realization and integrationBredikhin, S. N.; Бредихин, С. Н.
2018Utterance as the initial linguistic sign: Cognitive discoursive rationaleManaenko, G. N.; Манаенко, Г. Н.
2017Ways of cognitive beginnings verbalization in German texts of a patent right: The original vs. the translationBredikhin, S. N.; Бредихин, С. Н.; Vartanova, L. R.; Вартанова, Л. Р.