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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Designing new financial instruments to work in the Asian MarketsAkinin, P. V.; Акинин, П. В.; Akinina, V. P.; Акинина, В. П.; Alimova, I. O.; Алимова, И. О.; Boldareva, Y. O.; Болдарева, Ю. О.; Viderker, N. V.; Видеркер, Н. В.
2019Designing professional competence of leaders of the regional agrarian sectorBarsukova, T. I.; Барсукова, Т. И.
2018Desymmetrization of cyclopropenes via the potassium-templated diastereoselective 7- exo- trig cycloaddition of tethered amino alcohols toward enantiopure cyclopropane-fused oxazepanones with antimycobacterial activityAksenov, N. A.; Аксенов, Н. А.; Rubin, M. A.; Рубин, М. А.
2016Detailed Studies of Ontogenetic Changes in EEG Parameters in Men and Women during the Reproductive PeriodVodolazhsky, G. I.; Водолажский, Г. И.; Chadova, I. N.; Чадова, И. Н.
2016Detection and identification of bad power measurements in distribution networks using state estimation by synchronized voltages and currentsZelensky, E. G.; Зеленский, Е. Г.; Kononov, Y. G.; Кононов, Ю. Г.
2019Detergent-disinfectant agent based on colloidal silver stabilized by quaternary ammonium compounds for the dairy industryBlinov, A. V.; Блинов, А. В.; Khramtsov, A. G.; Храмцов, А. Г.; Blinova, A. A.; Блинова, А. А.; Serov, A. V.; Серов, А. В.; Kostenko, K. V.; Костенко, К. В.; Kravtsov, A. A.; Кравцов, А. А.; Snezhkova, J. J.; Снежкова, Ю. Ю.
2017Determinants of Regional University Development in Modern RussiaSmyshnov, K. M.; Смышнов, К. М.; Kharchenko, L. N.; Харченко, Л. Н.
2015Determination of physicochemical, immunochemical and antioxidant properties, toxicological and hygienic assessment of whey protein comcentrate and its hydrolysateEvdokimov, I. A.; Евдокимов, И. А.
2018Determination of the spatial position and orientation of the links of the robot anthropomorphic grip by the solution of the direct and inverse kinematics problemPetrenko, V. I.; Петренко, В. И.; Ryabtsev, S. S.; Рябцев, С. С.; Tebueva, F. B.; Тебуева, Ф. Б.; Antonov, V. O.; Антонов, В. О.; Pavlov, A. S.; Павлов, А. С.
2019Determining the Accuracy Locating Faults in a Power-Transmission Line by an Artificial Short Circuit MethodKozhevnikov, V. M.; Кожевников, В. М.
2017Develop Prescription Food Compositions Intended for Individual MealsSadovoy, V. V.; Садовой, В. В.; Shchedrina, T. V.; Щедрина, Т. В.
2019Developing a concept of available multi-functional modular robot for education and researchMezentseva, O. S.; Мезенцева, О. С.; Petrenko, V. I.; Петренко, В. И.; Zhilina, E. V.; Жилина, Е. В.; Pavlov, A. S.; Павлов, А. С.; Apurin, A. A.; Апурин, А. А.
2017Developing state regulation system for the life insurance market in modern Russian conditionsRusetskaya, E. A.; Русецкая, Э. А.
2018Development and evaluation of efficiency of inclusion of specialized meat semi-finished products in the diet of children and teenager with celiac diseaseOboturova, N. P.; Оботурова, Н. П.; Masalova, V. V.; Масалова, В. В.
2019Development and justification of the treatment system layout scheme for dust emissions from mobile and portable asphaltconcrete plantsSidyakin, P. A.; Сидякин, П. А.
2019Development and research of algorithms for the formation the individual educational trajectories of students in the digital educational platformLapina, M. A.; Лапина, М. А.
2019Development of 3D Bioprinting Technology Using Modified Natural and Synthetic Hydrogels for Engineering Construction of OrgansKubanov, S. I.; Кубанов, С. И.; Nuzhnaya, C. V.; Нужная, К. В.; Mishvelov, A. E.; Мишвелов, А. Е.; Litvinov, M. S.; Литвинов, М. С.; Povetkin, S. N.; Поветкин, С. Н.
2016Development of a Common Russian Identity as the Basis for a Single Civil Nation, Given the Multicultural Academic Environment in North-CaucasusLevitskaya, A. A.; Левитская, А. А.
2017Development of a control system for computations in boinc with homomorphic encryption in residue number systemBabenko, M. G.; Бабенко, М. Г.; Kucherov, N. N.; Кучеров, Н. Н.; Chervyakov, N. I.; Червяков, Н. И.; Nepretimova, E. V.; Непретимова, Е. В.; Vashchenko, I. S.; Ващенко, И. С.
2019Development of a convolution algorithm for the content of a Web resource for processing by a neural networkGorshkov, S. N.; Горшков, С. Н.; Solomonov, D. V.; Соломонов, Д. В.; Dvoryaninova, I. V.; Дворянинова, И. В.; Mikhajlichenko, R. M.; Михайличенко, Р. М.