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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Institutional basics of tariffs in housing and communal services: Cross-country analysisNerovnya, T. N.; Неровня, Т. Н.
2016Institutional changes in the electoral system in the contemporary Russia in light of the parliamentary elections in 2016: Methodological, legal and doctrinal aspectsMuhachev, I. V.; Мухачев, И. В.; Gondarenko, A. S.; Гондаренко, А. С.; Tkacheva, N. A.; Ткачева, Н. А.; Pogozheva, O. V.; Погожева, О. В.
2015Institutional transformations and assessment of profitability of the interregional distribution grid companies` activityNovoselova, N. N.; Новоселова, Н. Н.
2017Instruments improvement of the structured financing within the supervising concept of credit risk convertibilityRybina, G. K.; Рыбина, Г. К.; Rybina, Y. V.; Рыбина, Ю. В.; Akinin, P. V.; Акинин, П. В.; Rusetskaya, E. A.; Русецкая, Э. А.; Rusetskiy, M. G.; Русецкий, М. Г.
2016Instruments of production functions as reserves of increase in Regional Tax RevenuesDzhurbina, E. M.; Джурбина, Е. М.; Fateev, D. I.; Фатеев, Д. И.
2016Insurance fraud: Factors, identification problems, counteractionRusetskaya, E. A.; Русецкая, Э. А.; Rusetskiy, M. G.; Русецкий, М. Г.; Rybina, G. K.; Рыбина, Г. К.; Chuvilova, O. N.; Чувилова, О. Н.
2018Integrated assessment of ecological state of municipal economy objects in towns of caucasus mineral waters regionSidyakin, P. A.; Сидякин, П. А.
2018Integrated innovation and investment policy as the factor of a balanced development of the new economyBoris, O. A.; Борис, О. А.; Rebiy, E. Y.; Ребий, Е. Ю.
2015Integrating K-means clustering analysis and generalized additive model for efficient reservoir characterizationBondarenko, M. A.; Бондаренко, М. А.
2019Integration of Health-Saving Technologies in the Process of Educational and Professional Socialization of the Russian Student-Age PopulationMakadey, L. I.; Макадей, Л. И.; Lozhechkina, A. D.; Ложечкина, А. Д.
2019Integration of Industry 4.0 technologies for "smart cities" developmentKrasnyuk, L. V.; Краснюк, Л. В.
2017Integration of social and innovative activities into industrial organizationParakhina, V. N.; Парахина, В. Н.; Boris, O. A.; Борис, О. А.; Timoshenko, P. N.; Тимошенко, П. Н.
2017Integrative strategy of constructing positive images of ethnic identity in modern electronic and information discourseLushnikov, D. A.; Лушников, Д. А.; Barsukova, T. I.; Барсукова, Т. И.; Gapich, A. E.; Гапич, А. Э.
2019Intellectual Ice Melting System on Wires of Overhead Transmission Lines of Distribution Electric NetworksLevchenko, I. I.; Левченко, И. И.
2019Intellectual Property Management in Modern Russian Condi-tionsParakhina, V. N.; Парахина, В. Н.
2018Intensity zones on classical distances in amateur radio direction finding for 13-14 year-oldsZelensky, K. G.; Зеленский, К. Г.
2017Interaction between subjective evaluation of quality of life and professional burnout in teachersSolovyeva, O. V.; Соловьева, О. В.; Borozinets, N. M.; Борозинец, Н. М.; Kozlovskaya, G. Y.; Козловская, Г. Ю.; Prilepko, Y. V.; Прилепко, Ю. В.; Filipovich, E. I.; Филипович, Е. И.
2018Interaction of condensed tetrahydropyrido[4,3-d]pyrimidin-4-ones with dehydrobenzene – synthesis of 6-vinylpyrimidinones fused with five-membered heterocycle containing two or three heteroatomsAksenov, A. V.; Аксенов, А. В.
2016Interface of a horizontal layer of magnetic fluid with water invertical electric and magnetic fieldsChekanov, V. V.; Чеканов, В. В.; Kandaurova, N. V.; Кандаурова, Н. В.; Chekanov, V. S.; Чеканов, В. С.
2016Intergenerational characteristics of the economic consciousness: Results of an empirical studyBakunova, I. V.; Бакунова, И. В.; Luk'yanov, A. S.; Лукьянов, А. С.; Luk'yanova, M. V.; Лукьянова, М. В.; Makadey, L. I.; Макадей, Л. И.