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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Employing finite-state machines in data integrity problemsMalikov, A. V.; Маликов, А. В.; Voronkin, V. S.; Воронкин, В. С.; Shiryaev, N. V.; Ширяев, Н. В.
2018Endemism, relicts and invasion spices of animals in structure of the biodiversity of the CiscaucasiaPushkin, S. V.; Пушкин, С. В.; Ilyukh, M. P.; Ильюх, М. П.
2018Energetic concealment of low-frequency sattelite communication system with arbitrary recession of radiointercepting receiverPashintsev, V. P.; Пашинцев, В. П.; Chipiga, A. F.; Чипига, А. Ф.; Anzin, I. V.; Анзин, И. В.
2017Energy limitations of changes in construction of rotatorsAntipina, E. S.; Антипина, Е. С.; Zhilin, S. N.; Жилин, С. Н.
2017Enhancing the functionality of the procedures of encoding and decoding BCH codesMalofey, O. P.; Малофей, О. П.; Malofey, A. O.; Малофей, А. О.; Shangina, A. E.; Шаньгина, А. Е.
2018Entropy-based detection of the words boundaries of continuous speechKarpov, A. S.; Карпов, А. С.; Shagrova, G. V.; Шагрова, Г. В.; Drozdova, V. I.; Дроздова, В. И.; Shevchenko, A. V.; Шевченко, А. В.
2015Environmental group Necrophilous and Necrobionts Beetles (Insecta; Coleoptera) of the south of the RussiaPushkin, S. V.; Пушкин, С. В.
2017Erratum to: Glaze ice melting on overhead power lines with controllable rectifying installations (Russian Electrical Engineering, (2016), 87, 7, (378-385), 10.3103/S1068371216070051)Levchenko, I. I.; Левченко, И. И.
2017Error correction of digital signal processing devices using non-positional modular codesKalmykov, I. A.; Калмыков, И. А.
2018Essence And Peculiarities Of Monitoring Of Socio-Economic And Spatial Development Of The RegionKrivorotova, N. F.; Криворотова, Н. Ф.
2019Establishing dominant factors of special fitnes of athletes aged 15 - 18 years in sportsradiodirectionfindingZelensky, K. G.; Зеленский, К. Г.
2019Establishment of Information Economy Under the Influence of Scientific and Technical ProgressGladilin, A. V.; Гладилин, А. В.; Dotdueva, Z. S.; Дотдуева, З. С.; Klimovskikh, Y. A.; Климовских, Ю. А.; Sharunova, E. V.; Шарунова, Е. В.
2017Establishment of the North American Eastern Eyed Click Beetle Alaus oculatus L. (Coleoptera: Elateridae) in the CaucasusPushkin, S. V.; Пушкин, С. В.; Mishvelov, E. G.; Мишвелов, Е. Г.
2019Estimation of Sc3+ solubility in dodecahedral and octahedral sites in YSAG:YbTarala, V. A.; Тарала, В. А.; Shama, M. S.; Шама, М. С.; Chikulina, I. S.; Чикулина, И. С.; Malyavin, F. F.; Малявин, Ф. Ф.; Vakalov, D. S.; Вакалов, Д. С.; Kravtsov, A. A.; Кравцов, А. А.
2018Ethical decision making under the weak completion semanticsHolldobler, S.
2018Ethnocultural Education as a Factor of the Spiritual Security of the Russian Polyethnic SocietyShcherbakova, L. M.; Щербакова, Л. М.
2018Eurasian economic intergation: Problems and prospectsRusetskiy, M. G.; Русецкий, М. Г.
2019European trends in providing food safety in training of technology students in conditions of the development of digital technologiesLimareva, N. S.; Лимарева, Н. С.; Shaltumaev, T. S.; Шалтумаев, Т. Ш.; Shchedrina, T. V.; Щедрина, Т. В.; Orobinskaya, V. N.; Оробинская, В. Н.
2017Evaluation method for efficiency of financial and innovative activities in commercial organizations based on stochastic modellingManuylenko, V. V.; Мануйленко, В. В.
2016Evaluation methods of regional transport systems performance efficiencyBerezhnaya, O. V.; Бережная, О. В.; Savtsova, A. V.; Савцова, А. В.; Berezhnaya, E. V.; Бережная, Е. В.