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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Calculating rotation angles of the operator's arms based on generalized coordinates of the master device with following anthropomorphic manipulator in real timePetrenko, V. I.; Петренко, В. И.; Tebueva, F. B.; Тебуева, Ф. Б.; Sychkov, V. B.; Сычков, В. Б.; Antonov, V. O.; Антонов, В. О.; Gurchinsky, M. M.; Гурчинский, М. М.
2019Calculation and analysis of the features temperature behavior of the electrical conductivity semiconductors GeTe and SnTe near structural phase transition TCSankin, A. V.; Санкин, А. В.; Altukhov, V. I.; Алтухов, В. И.; Mitjugova, O. A.; Митюгова, О. А.; Yanukyan, E. G.; Янукян, Э. Г.
2018Calculation of cylindrical corrugated shells using a semi-analytic finite element methodYanukyan, E. G.; Янукян, Э. Г.
2017Calculation of the bending of electromechanical aircraft element made of the carbon fiberDanilova-Volkovskaya, G. M.; Данилова-Волковская, Г. М.; Begak, A.; Бегак, А.
2020Calculation of the First Switch-on Time of Distributed Object's Control ActionMartirosyan, K. V.; Мартиросян, К. В.; Chernyshev, A. B.; Чернышев, А. Б.
2015Calculation of the membrane thickness of magnetite nanoparticles on the surface of the transparent conductive electrode in the electric fieldChekanov, V. V.; Чеканов, В. В.; Kandaurova, N. V.; Кандаурова, Н. В.; Chekanov, V. S.; Чеканов, В. С.
2016Calculation of the Schottky barrier and current–voltage characteristics of metal–alloy structures based on silicon carbideAltukhov, V. I.; Алтухов, В. И.; Kasyanenko, I. S.; Касьяненко, И. С.; Sankin, A. V.; Санкин, А. В.
2015Calculation of the Schottky barrier height at the contact between a metal and (SiC)1–x(AlN)x semiconductor solid solutionAltukhov, V. I.; Алтухов, В. И.; Kasyanenko, I. S.; Касьяненко, И. С.; Sankin, A. V.; Санкин, А. В.
2019CARDIOVASCULAR ADAPTATIONS OF FOREIGN STUDENTS TO CLIMATIC AND GEOGRAPHICAL CONDITIONS OF STAVROPOL REGIONLisova, I. M.; Лисова, И. М.; Anfinogenova, O. I.; Анфиногенова, О. И.; Dzhandarova, T. I.; Джандарова, Т. И.; Belyaev, N. G.; Беляев, Н. Г.; Elkanova, A. B.; Эльканова, А. Б.; Rachitsky, A. S.; Рачицкий, А. С.
2016Catalyst-free Biginelli-type synthesis of new functionalized 4,7-dihydropyrazolo[1,5-: A] pyrimidinesDotsenko, V. V.; Доценко, В. В.
2017Caucasian military-historical Museum: from saving memories to oblivionKolosovskaya, T. A.; Колосовская, Т. А.
2019Causes of reservoir filtration properties deterioration and restoration methods in the process of drilling and well completionVerisokin, A. E.; Верисокин, А. Е.; Nazarenko, A.; Назаренко, А.
2019Center and Province: a Model of Interaction with National Suburbs in the Russian Empire (Late XVIII - XX Centuries)Nevskaya, T. A.; Невская, Т. А.
2016Centipedes (Chilopoda) from the Rostov-on-Don Region, southern RussiaZuev, R. V.; Зуев, Р. В.
2016Centipedes (Chilopoda) from the Stavropol Territory, northern Caucasus, RussiaZuev, R. V.; Зуев, Р. В.
2016Central nervous system function in gas transportation system stuff with various degree of adaptation to the professional environmentGubareva, L. I.; Губарева, Л. И.; Ponomareva, T. Y.; Пономарева, Т. Ю.; Ermolova, L. S.; Ермолова, Л. С.
2019Certain Issues of Improvement of Control and Supervisory Activities in the Russian FederationAvanesova, A. A.; Аванесова, А. А.
2019Challenges and prospects for the development of social entrepreneurship in RussiaKirillova, A. V.; Кириллова, А. В.
2015Change of the level of the kerosene-based magnetic colloid within the near-electrode area in an electric pulse fieldErin, C. V.; Ерин, К. В.
2018Changes of hemostasis indicators in women in accuracy practiceMuratova, A. Y.; Муратова, А. Ю.; Denisova, E. V.; Денисова, Е. В.; Melchenko, E. A.; Мельченко, Е. А.; Gligova, T. N.; Глижова, Т. Н.; Andrusenko, S. F.; Андрусенко, С. Ф.; Suprunchuk, V. E.; Супрунчук, В. Е.