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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017e-government in the Stavropol region: Assessment of the level of citizens' satisfaction with the provision of public and municipal servicesNovikova, I. V.; Новикова, И. В.; Pyanov, A. I.; Пьянов, А. И.; Rudich, S. B.; Рудич, С. Б.
2016E-government in the western European countries, Asia and in the USAMukhoryanova, O. A.; Мухорьянова, О. А.; Novikova, I. V.; Новикова, И. В.; Rudich, S. B.; Рудич, С. Б.; Bogushevich, E. V.; Богушевич, Е. В.
2018E-modulus and creep coefficient of self-compacting concretes and concretes with some mineral additivesKolleganov, A. V.; Коллеганов, А. В.
2020Eco-Faunistic Review of the Silphidae Family (Coleoptera: Silphidae) of the Greater CaucasusPushkin, S. V.; Пушкин, С. В.
2019Ecologic and Zoogeographic Characteristics of the Genus Orphilus Er. (Coleoptera: Dermestidae) in Palearctic ZonePushkin, S. V.; Пушкин, С. В.
2018Ecological and economic efficiency use of agricultural landsAdintsova, N. P.; Адинцова, Н. П.; Zhuravleva, E. P.; Журавлева, Е. П.
2016Economic Analysis of Industrial Development: a Case of Russian Coal IndustryKrivokora, E. I.; Кривокора, Е. И.
2020Economic and Organizational Problem Research Accompanying the Processes of Replacing Labor Resources in the Condition of Incomplete InformationVanina, A. G.; Ванина, А. Г.; Marenchuk, Y. A.; Маренчук, Ю. А.; Novikova, E. N.; Новикова, Е. Н.
2017Economic and statistical evaluation of the level of sustainable development of rural areasLebedev, V. I.; Лебедев, В. И.; Lebedeva, I. V.; Лебедева, И. В.
2019Economic Aspects Of Sustainable Development The Building Production In The RegionStoyanov, N. I.; Стоянов, Н. И.
2018Economic potential of the agrarian leadership business in the context of effective personnel security and institutional regulationKalyugina, S. N.; Калюгина, С. Н.
2019Economic relations of Russia with the Anatolian Vilayets of the Ottoman Empire at the turn of XIX–XX centuries: Competition and learning from states of Europe and the USAKryuchkov, I. V.; Крючков, И. В.
2017ECONOMIC SUSTAINABILITY OF ENERGY SYSTEMS AND PRICES IN THE EUStrielkowski, W.; Стрелковский, В.; Astakhova, E. A.; Астахова, Е. А.
2019Economic-mathematical simulation modeling of management and innovative activities of the industrial enterprisesBoris, O. A.; Борис, О. А.
2018Economic-statistical analysis of sustainable development of the rural labor marketBerezhnaya, E. V.; Бережная, Е. В.; Berezhnaya, O. V.; Бережная, О. В.
2019Education as Socio-cultural and Economic Potential of the Global Information SocietyRusetskiy, M. G.; Русецкий, М. Г.
2018Effect of a near-surface nanolayer formation on the magnetic fluid electrical propertiesChekanov, V. V.; Чеканов, В. В.
2016Effect of concentration, temperature, and freezing rate on the phosphorescence parameters of acenaphthene in n-hexane matricesZhdanova, N. V.; Жданова, Н. В.; Deryabin, M. I.; Дерябин, М. И.
2015Effect of different fluxes on YAG:Ce illumination engineering parametersShama, M. S.; Шама, М. С.; Kichuk, S. N.; Кичук, С. Н.; Kostyukov, S. V.; Костюков, С. В.; Voronov, P. E.; Воронов, П. Е.; Voronova, A. V.; Воронова, А. В.
2019Effect of fillers on the coefficient of friction of a polyurethane sealing element for a coiled tubing sealing deviceMatsko, A. V.; Мацко, А. В.; Kopchenkov, V. G.; Копченков, В. Г.