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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Facile regiodivergent synthesis of spiro pyrrole-substituted pseudothiohydantoins and thiohydantoins via reaction of [e]-fused 1H-pyrrole-2,3-diones with thioureaRubin, M. A.; Рубин, М. А.
2017Factor combination of the price for the foreign trade contract and its influence on the international pricingKravchenko, A. V.; Кравченко, А. В.; Maslennikova, N. V.; Масленникова, Н. В.; Rusetskiy, M. G.; Русецкий, М. Г.; Kovtun, E. N.; Ковтун, Е. Н.; Orazaliev, A. A.; Оразалиев, А. А.
2015Factors of positive adaptation of migrants: Analysis of theoretical approachesMorosanova, V. I.; Моросанова, В. И.; Nesterova, A. A.; Нестерова, А. А.; Suslova, T. F.; Суслова, Т. Ф.
2016Factors of providing food and economic security of the state and its regionsNovoselova, N. N.; Новоселова, Н. Н.; Krasnyuk, L. V.; Краснюк, Л. В.
2018Family welfare as a basis of fighting crimeAbdulgaziev, R. Z.; Абдулгазиев, Р. З.; Zhukova, T. G.; Жукова, Т. Г.
2016Fast modular multiplication execution in residue number systemChervyakov, N. I.; Червяков, Н. И.; Babenko, M. G.; Бабенко, М. Г.; Kuchukov, V. A.; Кучуков, В. А.; Deryabin, M. A.; Дерябин, М. А.; Kuchukova, N. N.; Кучукова, Н. Н.
2016Feasibility and efficacy of job interview simulation training for long-term unemployed individualsAysina, R. M.; Айсина, Р. М.; Maksimenko, Z. A.; Максименко, Ж. А.
2019Feasibility of using electrodialysis with bipolar membranes to deacidify acid wheyKravtsov, V. A.; Кравцов, В. А.; Kulikova, I. K.; Куликова, И. К.; Bessonov, A. S.; Бессонов, А. С.; Evdokimov, I. A.; Евдокимов, И. А.
2020Features and Problems of Innovative Development of the Russian Economy Under the Conditions of the “Fourth Industrial Revolution”Momotova, O. N.; Момотова, О. Н.
2019FEATURES OF ACCOUNTING PROCESS ORGANIZATION THE COSTS AT THE SANATORIUM COMPLEXESGrechkina, T. V.; Гречкина, Т. В.; Golushko, E. V.; Голушко, Е. В.; Galcheva, D. D.; Галчева, Д. Д.; Krasnyuk, L. V.; Краснюк, Л. В.
2018Features of electrical properties in a structured thin magnetic fluid layerKozhevnikov, V. M.; Кожевников, В. М.; Larionov, Y. A.; Ларионов, Ю. А.; Chuenkova, I. Y.; Чуенкова, И. Ю.
2015Features of international cooperation and development of bioeconomics and natural resource economicsTatuev, A. A.; Татуев, А. А.
2018Features of Ion-Beam Polishing of the Surface of SapphireSysoev, I. A.; Сысоев, И. А.
2018Features of social organization among the bearers of tomb culture in 3rd-1st centuries BC (based on materials from burial sites in the Stavropol height and Caucasian Mineral Waters regions)Prokopenko, Y. A.; Прокопенко, Ю. А.
2018Features of the current practice of drugs prescriptions to women with mental disorders in ethnic groups in stavropol regionManvelyan, E. A.; Манвелян, Э. А.; Stepanian, S. A.; Степанян, С. А.; Manvelyan, M. M.; Манвелян, М. М.
2018Features of the taxation in the territories with the special mode of business and investing activities: Comparative analysis of the russian and foreign best practicesSmirnov, D. A.; Смирнов, Д. А.; Strus, K. A.; Струсь, К. А.; Avanesova, A. A.; Аванесова, А. А.
2016Features Sub-Regional localities in the Structural-Level organization of the economic systemNovoselova, N. N.; Новоселова, Н. Н.; Kovalenko, A. A.; Коваленко, А. А.
2018Features wetting and anisotropy of interfacial energy in a metal particle-silicon systemBlinov, A. V.; Блинов, А. В.; Kravtsov, A. A.; Кравцов, А. А.; Serov, A. V.; Серов, А. В.
2017Ferrofluid Capillary Rise in Porous Medium under the Action of Nonuniform Magnetic FieldZakinyan, A. R.; Закинян, А. Р.; Mkrtchyan, L. S.; Grunenko, V. D.; Груненко, В. Д.; Dikansky, Y. I.; Диканский, Ю. И.