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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017N-Substituted 1H-Pyrimidin-4-One Derivatives Possessing Anxiolytic ActivityManvelyan, E. A.; Манвелян, Э. А.
2018Nanoparticles concentration influence on magnetic gyrotropy in ferrocolloidsTurkin, S. D.; Туркин, С. Д.; Dikansky, Y. I.; Диканский, Ю. И.
2015National and global imperatives of sustainable developmentMedyanik, N. V.; Медяник, Н. В.; Shtapova, I. S.; Штапова, И. С.
2016Natural polyace tylene compounds with an titubercular activityOrobinskaya, V. N.; Оробинская, В. Н.
2019Neural Network Decoder of Automatic Process Control SystemKoldaev, A. I.; Колдаев, А. И.; Boldyrev, D. V.; Болдырев, Д. В.; Evdokimov, A. A.; Евдокимов, А. А.
2015New approach for lactose transglycosylation into galactooligosaccharidesKhramtsov, A. G.; Храмцов, А. Г.; Evdokimov, I. A.; Евдокимов, И. А.; Lodygin, A. D.; Лодыгин, А. Д.; Rodnaya, A. B.; Родная, А. Б.
2019New colloidal chelated highly digestible form of zinc essential trace elementBlinov, A. V.; Блинов, А. В.; Serov, A. V.; Серов, А. В.; Kravtsov, A. A.; Кравцов, А. А.; Kostenko, K. V.; Костенко, К. В.; Snezhkova, J. J.; Снежкова, Ю. Ю.; Gvozdenko, A. A.; Гвозденко, А. А.
2018New Ecological Paradigm of Architectural Development of the Energy Efficient Affordable Low DwellingBudarin, E. L.; Бударин, Е. Л.
2016New frontiers of cybercrimeUzdenov, R. M.; Узденов, Р. М.
2019New Image Modeling Features For Planning Surgical InterventionsNuzhnaya, C. V.; Нужная, К. В.; Kukharuk, M. Y.; Кухарук, М. Ю.; Portnov, M. Y.; Портнов, М. Ю.; Suprunchuk, V. E.; Супрунчук, В. Е.
2016New method for in situ generation of enolate-iminium 1,4-dipoles for [4+2] and [4+1] dipolar heterocycloaddition reactionsRubin, M. A.; Рубин, М. А.
2016New method for: In situ generation of enolate-iminium 1,4-dipoles for [4 + 2] and [4 + 1] dipolar heterocycloaddition reactionsRubin, M. A.; Рубин, М. А.
2019New photochromic indoline spiropyrans containing cationic substituent in the 2H-chromene moietyAksenov, N. A.; Аксенов, Н. А.
2019New possibilities of the Mannich reaction in the synthesis of N-, S,N-, and Se,N-heterocyclesDotsenko, V. V.; Доценко, В. В.
2018New Principles For Ensuring The Biological Safety Of Raw Materials And Products Of Animal OriginBogatirev, A. B.; Богатырев, А. Б.; Emelyanov, S. A.; Емельянов, С. А.
2018New rotator dynamic modelsAntipina, E. S.; Антипина, Е. С.; Zhilin, S. N.; Жилин, С. Н.
2020New route to bioactive 2-(hetero)arylethylamines via nucleophilic ring opening in fused 7-acyl-2,3-dihydroazepinesDemidov, O. P.; Демидов, О. П.
2017New standard element types for magnetic field calculation in the electromechanical systemPashkovskiy, A. V.; Пашковский, А. В.
2018New standard elements for calculating magnetic fields of electromechanical and magnetic systems with permanent magnetsPashkovskiy, A. V.; Пашковский, А. В.
2019New technological paradigm of the Russian dairy industry: formation principles under globalisationKhramtsov, A. G.; Храмцов, А. Г.