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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Determination of physicochemical, immunochemical and antioxidant properties, toxicological and hygienic assessment of whey protein comcentrate and its hydrolysateEvdokimov, I. A.; Евдокимов, И. А.
2015Nonalcoholic steatohepatitis animal model, induced by high-fat diet and tetracyclineTimchenko, L. D.; Тимченко, Л. Д.; Rzhepakovsky, I. V.; Ржепаковский, И. В.
2015Tendencies and regularities of Russian regional transport systems’ developmentBerezhnaya, O. V.; Бережная, О. В.; Berezhnaya, E. V.; Бережная, Е. В.
2015Ontological status and valuable determination of social norms and normative systemsBaklanov, I. S.; Бакланов, И. С.; Baklanova, O. A.; Бакланова, О. А.; Goncharov, V. N.; Гончаров, В. Н.; Erokhin, A. M.; Ерохин, А. М.
2015Specialized strength training to improve motion accuracy and technical skillsLukyanenko, V. P.; Лукьяненко, В. П.
2015Decomposition analysis and machine learning in a workflow-forecast approach to the task scheduling problem for high-loaded distributed systemsGritsenko, A. V.; Гриценко, А. В.
2015The effect of GPS-signal quality on timing accuracy of sea 9724 and NI 9467 GPS modules synchronizationKononov, Y. G.; Кононов, Ю. Г.; Rudnev, V. Y.; Руднев, В. Ю.
2015Ideological problems of the modern RussiaSagalaeva, E. S.; Сагалаева, Е. С.
2015Chromosomal and molecular evidence for presence of Polyommatus (Agrodiaetus) poseidon (Lepidoptera, Lycaenidae) in Caucasus regionTikhonov, V. V.; Тихонов, В. В.
2015Modeling oscillations of magnetizable microdropsShagrova, G. V.; Шагрова, Г. В.; Drozdova, V. I.; Дроздова, В. И.; Romanenko, M. G.; Романенко, М. Г.