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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Representation of the morphological information at the level of lexical input during the process of speech decoding: Philological and phenomenological hermeneutics vs. psycholinguistic modelsBredikhin, S. N.; Бредихин, С. Н.
2018Some features of the magnetization of thin layers of magnetic fluids with magnetized aggregates in magnetic and electric fieldsGladkikh, D. V.; Гладких, Д. В.; Dikansky, Y. I.; Диканский, Ю. И.; Ispiryan, A. G.; Испирян, А. Г.
2018Particle aggregation in magnetic fluid layer in electric fieldLarionov, Y. A.; Ларионов, Ю. А.; Kozhevnikov, V. M.; Кожевников, В. М.; Chuenkova, I. Y.; Чуенкова, И. Ю.
2018Nanoparticles concentration influence on magnetic gyrotropy in ferrocolloidsTurkin, S. D.; Туркин, С. Д.; Dikansky, Y. I.; Диканский, Ю. И.
2018Movement accuracy theory: Most problematic aspectsLukyanenko, V. P.; Лукьяненко, В. П.
2018Intramolecular nucleophilic addition of carbanions generated from: N -benzylamides to cyclopropenesAksenov, N. A.; Аксенов, Н. А.; Rubin, M. A.; Рубин, М. А.
2018Desymmetrization of cyclopropenes via the potassium-templated diastereoselective 7- exo- trig cycloaddition of tethered amino alcohols toward enantiopure cyclopropane-fused oxazepanones with antimycobacterial activityAksenov, N. A.; Аксенов, Н. А.; Rubin, M. A.; Рубин, М. А.
2018The specific of the interpretation of tragedy over sinay (October 31, 2015) as a focus of information attention of the "Vkontakte" social networkBarabash, V. V.; Барабаш, В. В.; Bobryshova, A. S.; Бобрышова, А. С.; Lepilkina, O. I.; Лепилкина, О. И.
2018Utterance as the initial linguistic sign: Cognitive discoursive rationaleManaenko, G. N.; Манаенко, Г. Н.
2018Modeling of dynamic properties of national economic systemsKorolev, V. A.; Королев, В. А.; Toroptsev, E. L.; Торопцев, Е. Л.