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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Privacy-preserving neural networks with Homomorphic encryption: Challenges and opportunitiesBabenko, M. G.; Бабенко, М. Г.
2021A method for identifying factual corruption of the navigation signal and identifying the interference influence on unmanned aerial vehicle receiverLinets, G. I.; Линец, Г. И.; Sagdeev, K. M.; Сагдеев, К. М.; Melnikov, S. V.; Мельников, С. В.; Isaev, M. A.; Исаев, М. А.; Isaev, A. M.; Исаев, А. М.
2021Analysis of communication channels for the organization of control and interaction of UAVs from the security viewpointLapina, M. A.; Лапина, М. А.
2020Building professional competence for teachers in the field of educational roboticsPankratova, O. P.; Панкратова, О. П.; Konopko, E. A.; Конопко, Е. А.; Ledovskaya, N. V.; Лебовская, Н. В.; Shabaldas, T. A.; Шабалдас, Т. А.
2021Investigation conditions for inclusion of gamification elements in study of the basics of algorithmization and programming to improve the quality of educational results of pupilsGerasimova, E. K.; Герасимова, Е. К.
2021Contrast-independent partially explicit time discretizations for multiscale flow problemsVabishchevich, P. N.; Вабищевич, П. Н.
2021A method for predicting the evolvement of an emergency zone based on artificial neural networksPetrenko, V. I.; Петренко, В. И.; Tebueva, F. B.; Тебуева, Ф. Б.; Antonov, V. O.; Антонов, В. О.; Svistunov, N. Y.; Свистунов, Н. Ю.; Kabinyakov, M. Y.; Кабиняков, М. Ю.; Garanzha, A. V.; Гаранжа, А. В.; Zavolokina, U. V.; Заволокина, У. В.
2021Increasing fast estimation of assessment of navigation parameters for the UAV based on a linear Kalman filterIsaev, M. A.; Исаев, М. А.; Linets, G. I.; Линец, Г. И.; Nikulin, V. I.; Никулин, В. И.; Melnikov, S. V.; Мельников, С. В.; Isaev, A. M.; Исаев, А. М.
2021Technique to adjust adaptive digital filter coefficients in Residue Number System based filtersKalmykov, I. A.; Калмыков, И. А.
2021A survey on privacy-preserving machine learning with fully homomorphic encryptionBabenko, M. G.; Бабенко, М. Г.