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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Complex optimization of signal frequency distortion in communication channels with OFDMFedorenko, V. V.; Федоренко, В. В.; Samoylenko, V. V.; Самойленко, В. В.
2019Effect of fillers on the coefficient of friction of a polyurethane sealing element for a coiled tubing sealing deviceMatsko, A. V.; Мацко, А. В.; Kopchenkov, V. G.; Копченков, В. Г.
2019Causes of reservoir filtration properties deterioration and restoration methods in the process of drilling and well completionVerisokin, A. E.; Верисокин, А. Е.; Nazarenko, A.; Назаренко, А.
2018Hydrogeological settings of sediments of the permo-triassic complex of the eastern ciscaucasiaSaltanova, A. G.; Салтанова, А. Г.; Yakushev, V. M.; Якушев, В. М.
2018Anti-fading method in wireless networks in process controlFedorenko, V. V.; Федоренко, В. В.; Samoylenko, V. V.; Самойленко, В. В.
2018The mathematical simulation of functional reliability of pipeline with redundancySamoylenko, V. V.; Самойленко, В. В.; Fedorenko, V. V.; Федоренко, В. В.
2018First find of aptychi of Leioceras and Bredyia (Ammonoidea, Hildoceratoidea) in the Aalenian of Northern Caucasus, RussiaSherstyukov, M. P.; Шерстюков, М. П.
2018The experience of using of the GPR method for sludge surveyYakushev, V. M.; Якушев, В. М.; Tsvetsikh, O. A.; Цвецих, О. А.
2019On rock deformation during hydraulic fracturing in horizontal wellsVerisokin, A. E.; Верисокин, А. Е.; Lukyanov, V. T.; Лукьянов, В. Т.; Kutovoy, A. S.; Кутовой, А. С.; Gunkina, T. A.; Гунькина, Т. А.
2019Packer design research used in hydraulic fracturingVerisokin, A. E.; Верисокин, А. Е.; Vasilyev, V. A.; Васильев, В. А.; Gunkina, T. A.; Гунькина, Т. А.