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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Psychodiagnostics to facilitate young people’s psychomotor progressOzerov, V. P.; Озеров, В. П.; Tarasova, O. Y.; Тарасова, О. Ю.; Tarasov, P. V.; Тарасов, П. В.; Shefatov, O. I.; Шефатов, О. И.
2019Designing professional competence of leaders of the regional agrarian sectorBarsukova, T. I.; Барсукова, Т. И.
2019Improvement of visually impaired children’s interest in the development of oral speechIgropulo, I. F.; Игропуло, И. Ф.
2019Socio-cultural potential and quality of region’s innovational developmentLeghebokov, A. A.; Лежебоков, А. А.
2019Mechanisms of institutional regulation of government policy building in the higher education system in the conditions of Industry 4.0Tereschenko, E. V.; Терещенко, Э. В.; Petrova, N. F.; Петрова, Н. Ф.; Mishchenko, V. A.; Мищенко, В. А.
2019The role of health-saving technologies in the process of students educational and professional socializationMakadey, L. I.; Макадей, Л. И.
2019The state management of development of the professional and qualification potential in Russian higher educationBelasheva, I. V.; Белашева, И. В.; Polshakova, I. N.; Польшакова, И. Н.
2018Social practices of a healthy lifestyle among young people in the south of RussiaLobeyko, Y. A.; Лобейко, Ю. А.
2018Individual personality traits as predictors of intra-organizational vertical career growth of employeesBelasheva, I. V.; Белашева, И. В.; Shapovalov, V. K.; Шаповалов, В. К.; Ershova, D. A.; Ершова, Д. А.; Lozhechkina, A. D.; Ложечкина, А. Д.; Tereschenko, E. V.; Терещенко, Э. В.
2019Establishing dominant factors of special fitnes of athletes aged 15 - 18 years in sportsradiodirectionfindingZelensky, K. G.; Зеленский, К. Г.