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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Approaches to managing economic growth of socio-economic systemsOstrovskaya, V. V.; Островская, В. В.
2018Excitation autowave spreading modes in the near-electrode layer of magnetic fluidChekanov, V. V.; Чеканов, В. В.
2018Mathematical modeling of the autowave diffraction process in a cell with a magnetic fluidChekanov, V. V.; Чеканов, В. В.
2018Security analysis of homomorphic encryption scheme for cloud computing: known-plaintext attackBabenko, M. G.; Бабенко, М. Г.; Chervyakov, N. I.; Червяков, Н. И.; Kucherov, N. N.; Кучеров, Н. Н.; Deryabin, M. A.; Дерябин, М. А.; Svyatkin, V. E.; Святкин, В. Е.
2018First record of patrulia (Ammonoidea: Stephanoceratidae) in the upper bajocian of the Northern Caucasus, RussiaSherstyukov, M. P.; Шерстюков, М. П.
2018Prebiotics as functional food ingredients: terminology, choice and comparative evaluation criteria, classificationKhramtsov, A. G.; Храмцов, А. Г.; Ryabtseva, S. A.; Рябцева, С. А.; Budkevich, R. O.; Будкевич, Р. О.; Akhmedova, V. R.; Ахмедова, В. Р.; Rodnaya, A. B.; Родная, А. Б.; Marugina, E. V.; Маругина, Е. В.
2018Conflict resolution strategy in the North Caucasus: underlying concepts and theoretical issuesPopov, M. E.; Попов, М. Е.
2018Representation of the morphological information at the level of lexical input during the process of speech decoding: philological and phenomenological hermeneutics vs. psycholinguistic modelsBredikhin, S. N.; Бредихин, С. Н.
2018Features of the current practice of drugs prescriptions to women with mental disorders in ethnic groups in Stavropol regionManvelyan, E. A.; Манвелян, Э. А.; Stepanian, S. A.; Степанян, С. А.; Manvelyan, M. M.; Манвелян, М. М.
2018Movement accuracy theory: most problematic aspectsLukyanenko, V. P.; Лукьяненко, В. П.