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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020To the problem of assessing the level of self-stresses during the formation of the structure of self-compacting concreteKolleganov, A. V.; Коллеганов, А. В.
2020The psychological characteristics of interaction between patient and physician of traumatology departmentArutyunyan, V. V.; Арутюнян, В. В.
2020Cyclical nature of financial crises and their impact on the stock marketKonopleva, J. A.; Коноплева, Ю. А.; Pakova, O. N.; Пакова, О. Н.; Zenchenko, S. V.; Зенченко, С. В.
2020Feasibility of using electrodialysis with bipolar membranes to deacidify acid wheyKravtsov, V. A.; Кравцов, В. А.; Kulikova, I. K.; Куликова, И. К.; Bessonov, A. S.; Бессонов, А. С.; Evdokimov, I. A.; Евдокимов, И. А.
2020Process of the selection of sorghum-sudank hybrids in arid conditions steppe zoneKapustin, A. S.; Капустин, А. С.
2020Russian small business and entrepreneurship in conditions of youth professionalization crisisLushnikov, D. A.; Лушников, Д. А.
2020Changes in the concentration of ethyl alcohol in the blood when it is stored in different temperature conditionsAndrusenko, S. F.; Андрусенко, С. Ф.; Denisova, E. V.; Денисова, Е. В.; Anfinogenova, O. I.; Анфиногенова, О. И.; Melchenko, E. A.; Мельченко, Е. А.; Kadanova, A. A.; Каданова, А. А.
2020Optimization of sowing time for grain sorghum and milletKapustin, A. S.; Капустин, А. С.
2020The impact of public policy on youth activist life strategies in the conditions of equal opportunities transformationTereschenko, E. V.; Терещенко, Э. В.
2020The influence of geopolitical factors and multiculturalism on the personnel security of Russian FederationKalyugina, S. N.; Калюгина, С. Н.; Pyanov, A. I.; Пьянов, А. И.