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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Simultaneous use of imitation learning and reinforcement learning in artificial intelligence development for video gamesKaravaev, V. Y.; Караваев, В. Ю.; Orlinskaya, O. G.; Орлинская, О. Г.; Kiseleva, T. V.; Киселева, Т. В.
2018Ethical decision making under the weak completion semanticsHolldobler, S.
2018Comparative trends in research performance of the Russian universitiesAvanesova, A. A.; Аванесова, А. А.
2019Managing the global financial system on the basis of artificial intelligence: possibilities and limitationsParakhina, V. N.; Парахина, В. Н.
2021Development of a food antioxidant additive technology out of grape pomaceSadovoy, V. V.; Садовой, В. В.
2021Conceptual bases of criminal punishment application regarding artificial intelligenceBersei, D. D.; Берсей, Д. Д.
2020Legal approaches to artificial intelligence concept and essence definitionSherbakova, L. M.; Щербакова, Л. М.
2021Digital technologies in the financial sector: Evolution and major development trends in Russia and AbroadZenchenko, S. V.; Зенченко, С. В.
2020Requirements for learning automated information systemServetnik, O. L.; Серветник, О. Л.; Pletukhina, A. A.; Плетухина, А. А.; Velts, O. V.; Вельц, О. В.; Novikova, E. N.; Новикова, Е. Н.
2021Trend analysis in the use of artificial intelligence in financial managementSavtsova, A. V.; Савцова, А. В.; Pakova, O. N.; Пакова, О. Н.; Sokolova, A. A.; Соколова, А. А.