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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Assessment of the impact of transactions M and A on innovative indicators of the companyPanaedova, G. I.; Панаедова, Г. И.
2018The paradigm of sustainable development and innovation in the regionRud, N. Y.; Рудь, Н. Ю.
2018Innovative investment trends In the economy of the North CaucasusGalstyan, A. S.; Галстян, А. Ш.; Shiyanova, A. A.; Шиянова, А. А.
2018Corporate accelerators as a tool of crisis managementParakhina, V. N.; Парахина, В. Н.; Kafyan, K. A.; Кафян, К. А.; Boris, O. A.; Борис, О. А.; Gorbenko, L. I.; Горбенко, Л. И.
2018Model of small business development and its competitiveness in conditions of institutional transformationsLazareva, N. V.; Лазарева, Н. В.
2020Human capital as an object of social management in economics and politicsBarsukova, T. I.; Барсукова, Т. И.; Bakhutashvili, T. V.; Бахуташвили, Т. В.
2020Innovative and entrepreneurial activity stimulation among teachers through personalized monitoring technologyRoschupkina, V. V.; Рощупкина, В. В.; Shatskaya, E. Y.; Шацкая, Е. Ю.; Alekhina, E. I.; Алехина, Е. И.
2019Innovational projects of technological growth on the platform of public-private partnership: risks and methods of their minimizationParakhina, V. N.; Парахина, В. Н.; Vorontsova, G. V.; Воронцова, Г. В.; Momotova, O. N.; Момотова, О. Н.; Boris, O. A.; Борис, О. А.; Ustaev, R. M.; Устаев, Р. М.
2020Generating models for innovation development strategy of the industrial complex with references to its management, structure and policiesBoris, O. A.; Борис, О. А.; Parakhina, V. N.; Парахина, В. Н.; Rebiy, E. Y.; Ребий, Е. Ю.; Shelkoplyasova, G. S.; Шелкоплясова, Г. С.
2020The strategy of scientific and technological development of Russia under the conditions of formation of information societyVorontsova, G. V.; Воронцова, Г. В.