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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Forming the strategy of financial development for highly technological enterpriseZhuravel, V. F.; Журавель, В. Ф.
2017Hydrodynamics, thermodynamics, and acoustics of exponential growth of the vapor bubbles at saturated boilingDorofeev, B. M.; Дорофеев, Б. М.; Volkova, V. I.; Волкова, В. И.
2017S N H Alkyl carbamoyl amination of 3-nitropyridine: competitive synthesis of nitro- and nitrosopyridine derivativesAvakyan, E. K.; Авакян, Е. К.; Borovlev, I. V.; Боровлев, И. В.; Demidov, O. P.; Демидов, О. П.; Amangasieva, G. A.; Амангазиева, Г. А.; Pobedinskaya, D. Y.; Побединская, Д. Ю.
2017Increasing of convolutional neural network performance using residue number systemChervyakov, N. I.; Червяков, Н. И.; Lyakhov, P. A.; Ляхов, П. А.; Valueva, M. V.; Валуева, М. В.
2017Protein-loaded sodium alginate and carboxymethyl cellulose beads for controlled release under simulated gastrointestinal conditionsEvdokimov, I. A.; Евдокимов, И. А.
2017Dependence of the Intensity of components of the multiplet in sensitized phosphorescence of acenaphthene in N-hexane on the exciting pulse duration at 77 KZhdanova, N. V.; Жданова, Н. В.; Deryabin, M. I.; Дерябин, М. И.; Valyukhov, D. P.; Валюхов, Д. П.
2017Regional features of the dynamics and structure of terrorist activity in 1970–2012Suprunchuk, I. P.; Супрунчук, И. П.; Belozerov, V. S.; Белозеров, В. С.
2017Efficiency analysis of the image impulse noise cleaning using median filters with weighted central elementChervyakov, N. I.; Червяков, Н. И.; Lyakhov, P. A.; Ляхов, П. А.; Orazaev, A. R.; Оразаев, А. Р.; Valueva, M. V.; Валуева, М. В.
2017Procedure for extraction of small-scale variations in the total electron content of the Ionosphere with the use of transionospheric sounding dataPashintsev, V. P.; Пашинцев, В. П.; Peskov, M. V.; Песков, М. В.
2017Synthesis of new functionalized 3,7-diazabicyclo[3.3.1]nonanes by aminomethylation of the Guareschi imidesDotsenko, V. V.; Доценко, В. В.; Aksenov, N. A.; Аксенов, Н. А.; Aksenova, I. V.; Аксенова, И. В.