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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Enhancing the functionality of the procedures of encoding and decoding BCH codesMalofey, O. P.; Малофей, О. П.; Malofey, A. O.; Малофей, А. О.; Shangina, A. E.; Шаньгина, А. Е.
2017Design of science laboratory sessions with magnetic fluidsFedina, O. V.; Федина, О. В.; Zakinyan, A. R.; Закинян, А. Р.; Agibova, I. M.; Агибова, И. М.
2017The concepts of commercial (Trade) law in the legal doctrine of Russia and foreign countriesAmvrosova, O. N.; Амвросова, О. Н.; Atayan, G. Y.; Атаян, Г. Ю.; Kasevich, E. V.; Касевич, Е. В.
2017Factor combination of the price for the foreign trade contract and its influence on the international pricingKravchenko, A. V.; Кравченко, А. В.; Maslennikova, N. V.; Масленникова, Н. В.; Rusetskiy, M. G.; Русецкий, М. Г.; Kovtun, E. N.; Ковтун, Е. Н.; Orazaliev, A. A.; Оразалиев, А. А.
2017Instruments improvement of the structured financing within the supervising concept of credit risk convertibilityRybina, G. K.; Рыбина, Г. К.; Rybina, Y. V.; Рыбина, Ю. В.; Akinin, P. V.; Акинин, П. В.; Rusetskaya, E. A.; Русецкая, Э. А.; Rusetskiy, M. G.; Русецкий, М. Г.
2017Evaluation method for efficiency of financial and innovative activities in commercial organizations based on stochastic modellingManuylenko, V. V.; Мануйленко, В. В.
2017Major theoretical approaches to constructive conflict resolution in the North CaucasusPopov, M. E.; Попов, М. Е.
2017The relict millipede Hirudicryptus abchasicus golovatch, evsyukov et reip, 2015, represents a species, genus, family and order new to the fauna of Russia (Diplopoda: Siphonocryptida: Siphonocryptidae)Zuev, R. V.; Зуев, Р. В.
2017Biologically active composition for regulation of lipolysis process in the organism under obesitySadovoy, V. V.; Садовой, В. В.; Shchedrina, T. V.; Щедрина, Т. В.; Selimov, M. A.; Селимов, М. А.
2017Sectoral factors of formation of tax revenues in subsidized regions of RussiaDzhurbina, E. M.; Джурбина, Е. М.; Fateev, D. I.; Фатеев, Д. И.