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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Psychological knowledge in teacher's professional activityGorovaya, V. I.; Горовая, В. И.; Petrova, N. F.; Петрова, Н. Ф.
2017The problem of the assessment of background content of heavy metal in the kuban-Manych waterwayDementiev, M. S.; Дементьев, М. С.; Dementieva, D. M.; Дементьева, Д. М.
2017Markov's Model of the Different-Priority Traffic Routing Control in a Sensor NodeListova, N. V.; Листова, Н. В.; Samoylenko, V. V.; Самойленко, В. В.
2017Problems of legal regulation of human organ and tissue transplantation relationsShevchuk, S. S.; Шевчук, С. С.; Ibragimova, N. S.; Ибрагимова, Н. Ш.; Belanova, G. O.; Беланова, Г. О.; Malykhina, M. A.; Малыхина, М. А.; Ivakhnenko, S. N.; Ивахненко, С. Н.
2017Tax law observance and the optimum strategy choice for the taxpayer behavior in the decentralized systemsBeskorovaynaya, N. S.; Бескоровайная, Н. С.; Molodykh, V. A.; Молодых, В. А.; Rubezhnoy, A. A.; Рубежной, А. А.; Sarkisov, V. B.; Саркисов, В. Б.; Khokhlova, E. V.; Хохлова, Е. В.
2017Influence of the preparation "Nicavet-1000" on a morphofunctional condition of some organs of rats at experimental aluminium intoxicationTimchenko, L. D.; Тимченко, Л. Д.; Rzhepakovsky, I. V.; Ржепаковский, И. В.
2017e-government in the Stavropol region: Assessment of the level of citizens' satisfaction with the provision of public and municipal servicesNovikova, I. V.; Новикова, И. В.; Pyanov, A. I.; Пьянов, А. И.; Rudich, S. B.; Рудич, С. Б.
2017SEMANTIC EMERGENCE AS A TRANSLATION PROBLEMSerebryakova, S. V.; Серебрякова, С. В.; Milostivaya, A. I.; Милостивая, А. И.
2017Dictionary interpretation of names with the meaning of occupations, crafts as a source of socio-cultural information (based on the dictionaries of the 19Th century)Gryaznova, V. M.; Грязнова, В. М.
2017Study of the field emission graphene/SiC nanostructures using scanning probe microscopyVolkov, E. Y.; Волков, Е. Ю.