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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Geographical features of investment activity in Stavropol kraiKorneva, L. I .; Корнева, Л. И.; Schitova, N. A.; Щитова, Н. А.; Belozerov, V. S.; Белозеров, В. С.; Makhmudov, R. C.; Махмудов, Р. К.
2017On communicative and didactic aspects of mapping an individual study pathway in electronic educational environmentTaratuhina, Y.; Таратухина, Ю.; Markaryan, M.; Маркарян, М.; Bezus, S.; Безус, С.
2017RNS-based image processingChervyakov, N. I.; Червяков, Н. И.; Lyakhov, P. A.; Ляхов, П. А.
2017Synthesis of chromenoimidazocarbolines by a reaction of quaternary iminium salts with o-hydroxybenzaldehydesAksenov, A. V.; Аксенов, А. В.
2017Synthesis of derivatives of a novel heterocyclic system 7-thia-1,4,6,8-tetraazabenzo[de]anthraceneDotsenko, V. V.; Доценко, В. В.
2017Influence of biologically active substances from Kombucha (Medusomyces gisevii) on rat gut microbiota with experimental antibiotic-associated dysbiosisTimchenko, L. D.; Тимченко, Л. Д.; Dobrynya, Y. M.; Добрыня, Ю. М.; Bondareva, N. I.; Бондарева, Н. И.; Rzhepakovsky, I. V.; Ржепаковский, И. В.; Sizonenko, M. N.; Сизоненко, М. Н.; Piskov, S. I.; Писков, С. И.
2017Credit risk assessment approach evolution with consideration for the requirements of international regulators and national banking system featuresZenchenko, S. V.; Зенченко, С. В.; Kabanova, O. V.; Кабанова, О. В.
2017Methodological tools for evaluation of strategic target structure of financial resources in corporations with limited liabilityManuylenko, V. V.; Мануйленко, В. В.; Kabardokova, L. A.; Кабардокова, Л. А.; Loktionova, M. A.; Локтионова, М. А.
2017Justification for perspective directions of fat-and-oil industry development of agricultural regions in the South of RussiaAlekseeva, O. A.; Алексеева, О. А.
2017International clinical trials: Policy, legal and ethical implicationsSavina, V. S.; Савина, В. С.; Avanesova, A. A.; Аванесова, А. А.; Strutinskaya, T. A.; Струтинская, Т. А.