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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016The influence of annealing temperature on photoluminescence of nanorods of zinc oxideSkomorokhov, A. A.; Скоморохов, А. А.; Chapura, O. V.; Чапура, О. В.; Bondarenko, E. A.; Бондаренко, Е. А.; Mikhnev, L. V.; Михнев, Л. В.
2016Study of the influence of the type of the alcohol environment on the structure of nanoscale zinc oxideBlinov, A. V.; Блинов, А. В.; Kravtsov, A. A.; Кравцов, А. А.; Bondarenko, E. A.; Бондаренко, Е. А.
2016Identification of the parameters of distribution networks by synchronized current and voltage measurementsZelensky, E. G.; Зеленский, Е. Г.; Kononov, Y. G.; Кононов, Ю. Г.; Levchenko, I. I.; Левченко, И. И.
2016Stress–strain state of the valve spring in an auto engine during plastic hardeningZemlyanushnova, N. Y.; Землянушнова, Н. Ю.; Porokhin, A. A.; Порохин, А. А.; Zemlyanushnov, N. A.; Землянушнов, Н. А.
2016Modern methods and means for nondestructive testing of the quality of power semiconductor devicesKhorol’skii, V. Y.; Хорольский, В. Я.
2016Glaze ice melting on overhead power lines with controllable rectifying installationsLevchenko, I. I.; Левченко, И. И.
2016Identification of parameters of models of electric network elements on the basis of Tellegen’s theoremStepanov, A. S.; Степанов, А. С.; Stepanov, S. A.; Степанов, С. А.; Kostyukova, S. S.; Костюкова, С. С.
2016Electron work function and surface energy of body-centered and face-centered cubic modifications of 4d- and 5d-metalsAref`eva, L. P.; Арефьева, Л. П.
2016Analysis of power and energy loss based on long line equationsStepanov, A. S.; Степанов, А. С.; Kalina, R. A.; Калина, Р. А.
2016Parameter determination of a nonsinusoidal periodic signal harmonic based on the modified sine transformMamaev, V. A.; Мамаев, В. А.; Kononova, N. N.; Кононова, Н. Н.