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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Method of corrosion prevention in steel pressure pipelines in sewerage systemsSidyakin, P. A.; Сидякин, П. А.; Shchitov, D. V.; Щитов, Д. В.
2016Effects of aerobic exercises on preschool children's cognitive progressBabchenko, A. P.; Бабченко, А. П.; Koval, L. N.; Коваль, Л. Н.; Osadchy, A. I.; Осадчий, А. И.
2016Natural polyace tylene compounds with an titubercular activityOrobinskaya, V. N.; Оробинская, В. Н.
2016Chemical composition and antioxidant activity of corn hybrids grain of different pigmentationZhirkova, Y. V.; Жиркова, Е. В.; Skorokhodova, M. V.; Скороходова, М. В.
2016The study of physiological effect of fruit and vegetable powders in animal experimentKholodova, E. N.; Холодова, Е. Н.
2016Probabilistic models of cryptographic systems and their applicationsKozlov, V. A.; Козлов, В. А.; Makarov, A. M.; Макаров, А. М.
2016Peculiarities of modelling hydro-lithospheric processes in the region of Kavkazskiye Mineralnye Vody (caucasus mineral springs)Drovosekova, T. I.; Дровосекова, Т. И.; Pershin, I. M.; Першин, И. М.
2016Project-based method as an effective means of interdisciplinary interaction while teaching a foreign languageBondar, I. A.; Бондарь, И. А.; Kulbakova, R. I.; Кулбакова, Р. И.; Svintorzhitskaja, I. A.; Свинторжитская, И. А.; Pilat, L. P.; Пилат, Л. П.
2016Regional heterogeneity of income tax in the russian federation: The experience of the quantitative analysis and regulatory issuesDzhurbina, E. M.; Джурбина, Е. М.; Fateev, D. I.; Фатеев, Д. И.
2016Instruments of production functions as reserves of increase in regional tax revenuesDzhurbina, E. M.; Джурбина, Е. М.; Fateev, D. I.; Фатеев, Д. И.