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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020To the problem of assessing the level of self-stresses during the formation of the structure of self-compacting concreteKolleganov, A. V.; Коллеганов, А. В.
2020Energy modernization of housing stockKalinichenko, M. Y.; Калиниченко, М. Ю.
2020Assessment of the design solution efficiency on the modernization of fire warning and evacuation management system for ensuring fire safety of the woodworking industryEmelyanova, V. A.; Емельянова, В. А.
2020Physiological effects, mechanisms of action and application of lactuloseRyabtseva, S. A.; Рябцева, С. А.; Khramtsov, A. G.; Храмцов, А. Г.; Budkevich, R. O.; Будкевич, Р. О.; Anisimov, G. S.; Анисимов, Г. С.; Chuklo, A. O.; Чукло, А. О.; Shpak, M. А.; Шпак, М. А.
2020The gasoline vapors spread from "small" spills in an urban environment at low wind speedsSokolova, E. V.; Соколова, Е. В.
2020Raising of fuel utilization efficiency in the contact heat exchange boilersStoyanov, N. I.; Стоянов, Н. И.; Slyusarev, G. V.; Слюсарев, Г. В.; Khashchenko, A. А.; Хащенко, А. А.
2020Shaping of biphasic defibrillation pulses with stepwise shape regulation and fixed durationSlyusarev, G. V.; Слюсарев, Г. В.
2020Polymer films with silver nanoparticles improve the spectral characteristics of photovoltaic convertersDevitsky, O. V.; Девицкий, О. В.; Kravtsov, A. A.; Кравцов, А. А.
2020Plasma anisotropy upon emission of charged particlesMartens, V. Y.; Мартенс, В. Я.
2020Synthesis of MnO2 nanoparticles stabilized by methionineBlinov, A. V.; Блинов, А. В.; Kravtsov, A. A.; Кравцов, А. А.; Krandievsky, S. O.; Крандиевский, С. О.; Timchenko, V. P.; Тимченко, В. П.; Gvozdenko, A. A.; Гвозденко, А. А.; Blinova, A. A.; Блинова, А. А.