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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021A method for planning the trajectory of a mobile robot in an unknown environment with obstaclesTebueva, F. B.; Тебуева, Ф. Б.; Pavlov, A. S.; Павлов, А. С.
2021A method of counteracting Byzantine robots with a random behavior strategy during collective design-making in swarm robotic systemsTebueva, F. B.; Тебуева, Ф. Б.; Ryabtsev, S. S.; Рябцев, С. С.; Struchkov, I. V.; Стручков, И. В.
2021A systematic approach to the assessment of the water facility influence zones ecological state as a factor of environmental safetySemenova, E. A.; Семенова, Е. А.
2023Adjusting the service frequency of hybrid vehicles based on the use of diagnostics toolsOganisyan, A. P.; Оганисян, А. П.; Koryagin, V. A.; Корягин, В. А.; Porokhnya, A. A.; Порохня, А. А.
2023Algorithmization of employers' requirements for IT-specialists in the field of energy, extraction of natural resources and ecologyLapina, M. A.; Лапина, М. А.
2021Assessment of environmental safety in the influence zone of the current Zelenchukskaya HPP-PSPP and Krasnogorsky HPP-1, HPP-2 under construction in the area of Ust-Dzhegutinsky reservoir locationSemenova, E. A.; Семенова, Е. А.
2019Assessment of qualitative indicators of drinking water and their influence on human health, as ecological safety factor of populationSemenova, E. A.; Семенова, Е. А.
2021Comparative analysis of linear and non-linear free vibrations of harmonic oscillatorKulterbaev, K. P.; Культербаев, Х. П.
2023Concerning partial discharge detection in cable lines using high-frequency sensorsMorozova, T. F.; Морозова, Т. Ф.; Demin, M. S.; Демин, М. С.; Bondarchuk, A. Y.; Бондарчук, А. Ю.
2023Consumer request of the parent community for transport service for schoolchildrenZvereva, L. A.; Зверева, Л. А.
2020Crop correlations with structure elements in varieties of grain sorghum of various ecological and geographical originKapustin, A. S.; Капустин, А. С.
2023Design and technological methods for buildings and structures in bases and foundationsLyamina, A. A.; Лямина, А. А.
2021Development of a method for reducing corrosion processes activity at water consuming facilitiesNesterchuk, A. V.; Нестерчук, А. В.
2023Development of an up-to-date competency profile of the head of the university educational programFilimonyuk, L. A.; Филимонюк, Л. А.
2021Development of educational motivation through the youth socio-cultural, environmental and leisure practicesGoncharov, V. N.; Гончаров, В. Н.
2020Digitalization as a new direction in education sphereGorlov, S. M.; Горлов, С. М.
2023Digitalization of financial sector in Russia: key components and conceptsNovoselova, N. N.; Новоселова, Н. Н.
2019Dispersion analysis of carbon monoxide concentrations in the linear cities atmospheric airSokolova, E. V.; Соколова, Е. В.
2021Ecological and economic transformations of natural management systems of agrarian type (based on materials from the South of Russia)Medyanik, N. V.; Медяник, Н. В.
2021Ecosystem methodology for the development of the scientific potential of the network interaction of economic agents in the digital environmentFursov, V. A.; Фурсов, В. А.