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Title: Design and technological methods for buildings and structures in bases and foundations
Authors: Lyamina, A. A.
Лямина, А. А.
Keywords: Methods to strengthen the foundation;Analysis of soils;Deformations of buildings and structures
Issue Date: 2023
Citation: Ovchinnikova, S., Schneider, E., Lyamina, A. Design and technological methods for buildings and structures in bases and foundations // E3S Web of Conferences. - 2023. - 371, art. no. 02048. - DOI: 10.1051/e3sconf/202337102048
Series/Report no.: E3S Web of Conferences
Abstract: Buildings and structures are erected on the foundation of ground or arranged in the soil column, and the subsoil can also be used as a building material. Its stability, durability, reliability and appropriate operation are determined not only by the structural qualities of the structure, but also by the properties of the foundation soil itself and the conditions of interaction between the structure and the foundation. Insufficiently studied engineering and geological conditions at the construction site, poorly designed bases and foundations, failure to considerably increase the weight of the building during its reconstruction or technical re-equipment, when erecting new buildings near the existing buildings, often cause their unacceptable deformations which can cause damage and sometimes even complete destruction of the erected buildings. The improvement of design and technological solutions in the field of foundations and foundations will result in saving both labor and material resources, and will reduce the construction period. This paper studies the properties of unstable soils, various difficulties in the design and construction of buildings and structures in special soil conditions with unstable structural relationships, the analysis of a variety of methods to strengthen the foundation soils and ways to combat deformations of buildings and structures.
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