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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Abnormal high radon exhalation levels on the mount Beshtau, North CaucasusSidyakin, P. A.; Сидякин, П. А.
2021Achieved level of agro-PPP development: Factors of risk, successes and failuresBoris, O. A.; Борис, О. А.; Vorontsova, G. V.; Воронцова, Г. В.; Momotova, O. N.; Момотова, О. Н.; Parakhina, V. N.; Парахина, В. Н.
2020Agrarian establishment social position under conditions of the rural qualitative transformationGoncharov, V. N.; Гончаров, В. Н.; Erokhin, A. M.; Ерохин, А. М.
2020Agricultural products moisture content measurement error estimation with the use of a four-element capacitive sensor modelDanchenko, I. V.; Данченко, И. В.; Masyutina, G. V.; Масютина, Г. В.
2021Analysis of the effectiveness of ways to improve the performance in underground gas storage wellsVerzhbitsky, V. V.; Вержбицкий, В. В.; Gunkina, T. A.; Гунькина, Т. А.; Vasilyev, V. A.; Васильев, В. А.; Poltavskaya, M. D.; Полтавская, М. Д.
2020Application of superdeep drilling technology for study of the earth crustKusov, G. V.; Кусов, Г. В.
2020Assessment of ecological state of the Chogray reservoir using remote sensing of the Earth (Stavropol Territory, Russia)Trautvain, S. A.; Траутвайн, С. А.; Ilyukh, M. P.; Ильюх, М. П.
2021Assessment of the nutritional value and prospects of using ziziphus fruit for a healthy human dietLimareva, N. S.; Лимарева, Н. С.
2022Automation of diagnostic tools for agricultural power transformersDorozhko, D. S.; Дорожко, Д. С.
2019Biofouling on water intakes and fight against themKalinichenko, M. Y.; Калиниченко, М. Ю.
2021Biotechnological aspects of ensuring the dairy food safetyEvdokimov, I. A.; Евдокимов, И. А.; Khramtsov, A. G.; Храмцов, А. Г.; Emelyanov, S. A.; Емельянов, С. А.; Lodygin, A. D.; Лодыгин, А. Д.
2017Calculation of the bending of electromechanical aircraft element made of the carbon fiberDanilova-Volkovskaya, G. M.; Данилова-Волковская, Г. М.; Begak, A.; Бегак, А.
2021Combined technological solutions to increase inflow in oil wells of offshore fieldsVerisokin, A. E.; Верисокин, А. Е.; Shlein, G. A.; Шлеин, Г. А.; Dimitriadi, J. K.; Димитриади, Ю. К.
2019Complex modeling of the economic systems stabilityToroptsev, E. L.; Торопцев, Е. Л.
2020Construction of a mathematical model for the extraction of mineral raw materialsTsapleva, V. V.; Цаплева, В. В.; Masyutina, G. V.; Масютина, Г. В.; Danchenko, I. V.; Данченко, И. В.
2022Creation of favorable entrepreneurial ecosystems for the development of youth business in agricultural regions of the South of RussiaBoris, O. A.; Борис, О. А.; Parakhina, V. N.; Парахина, В. Н.
2020Current state of biota of the Urus-Martan forest reserve of the Chechen RepublicSkripchinsky, A. V.; Скрипчинский, А. В.
2020Decision-making information support methodology for protective measures implementation in the AICMasyutina, G. V.; Масютина, Г. В.
2019Designing a control system for underground water intakesPershin, I. M.; Першин, И. М.
2021Determination of biologically active compounds (costunolide and dehydrocostuslactone) in the leaves of some forms of laurel noble (sweet bay)Orobinskaya, V. N.; Оробинская, В. Н.; Galdin, E. V.; Галдин, Е. В.