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Title: Biotechnological aspects of ensuring the dairy food safety
Authors: Evdokimov, I. A.
Евдокимов, И. А.
Khramtsov, A. G.
Храмцов, А. Г.
Emelyanov, S. A.
Емельянов, С. А.
Lodygin, A. D.
Лодыгин, А. Д.
Keywords: Accident prevention;Sanitation;Heat treatment;Food preservation;Dairy products;Dairies;Biotechnology;Bacteria;Food safety
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: IOP Publishing Ltd
Citation: Evdokimov, I.A., Khramtsov, A.G., Emelyanov, S.A., Lodygin, A.D., Volodin, D.N. Biotechnological aspects of ensuring the dairy food safety // IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science. - 2021. - Volume 677. - Issue 3. - Номер статьи 032075
Series/Report no.: IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science
Abstract: One of the urgent issues of modern food industry is the biological safety. In this regard, especially important for ensuring the safety of functional dairy food for healthy nutrition are new methods developed for the primary sanitation of raw milk, prior to technological processing, in order to reduce the bacteriological contamination and extend the shelf life of the food produced. This is of particular importance for improving the biotechnological properties of milk used in cheese making. The purpose of the work was to develop alternatives to innovative technologies for the heat treatment of raw milk by mild heating that ensures a controlled decrease in its bacterial contamination with a targeted effect on especially dangerous and heat-resistant spore-forming bacteria. Based on biotechnological principles, the theoretical foundations of the bacterial sanitation of dairy raw material prior to technological processing have been studied and developed; the parameters of mild heat treatment that provides a decrease in bacterial contamination by six orders of magnitude, with spores being converted into vegetative forms and subsequently destructed, experimentally and analytically substantiated; the suitability of cheese and other technological properties of raw materials has been increased; the shelf life has been prolonged; and innovative technologies for the production of biologically safe dairy products have been developed. There has been developed a procedure for the heat treatment of low-grade cow's milk - raw material - for further reservation or use in technological processes in order to improve its microbiological and technological properties and increase the product shelf life. Studies have been performed to inactivate spore-forming bacteria in milk, which has halved their incubation time
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