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Title: Annual reviews of the Kutaisi province as a historical source for the study of the pre-revolutionary judicial system of the early XX century
Authors: Zozulya, I. V.
Зозуля, И. В.
Ermolenko, L. P.
Ермоленко, Л. П.
Kolesnikova, M. E.
Колесникова, М. Е.
Keywords: Russian Empire;Customary law;Abkhazia;Kutaisi province;Judicial system;Legal proceedings;Judicial reform
Issue Date: 2019
Citation: Zozulya, IV; Ermolenko, LP; Kolesnikova, ME. Annual Reviews of the Kutaisi Province as a Historical Source for the Study of the Pre-revolutionary Judicial System of the early XX century // BYLYE GODY. - 2019. - Том: 54. - Выпуск: 4. - Стр.: 1832-1841
Series/Report no.: Bylye Gody
Abstract: The article is devoted to the characterization of the post-reform judicial system operating in the territory of the Kutaisi province. Features of the imperial ship system and legal proceedings were made on the basis of an analysis of one of the historical sources of the era - annual reviews of the Kutaisi province of the beginning of the twentieth centuries, which were based on the materials of the highest reports of the Kutaisi governors. The authors propose a detailed description of the activities of the Kutaisi District Court and justices of the peace, presented in dynamics in 1901-1913. Shows the current situation on the state of crime in the region in absolute numbers, and also provides statistics on certain types of especially serious crimes (murders, injuries, robberies, robberies, thefts, etc.). The causes of one of the most common types of crimes among the local mountain population - horse-stealing, which is largely explained by local traditions and customs, are presented. Statistical information on political crimes on the eve and during the First Russian Revolution of 1905-1907 is given (against the emperor and members his family, riots, participation in secret societies and gatherings, etc.)
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