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Title: Social entrepreneurship as a resource for managing socio-economic issues in the north-caucasus region
Authors: Shapovalov, V. K.
Шаповалов, В. К.
Igropulo, I. F.
Игропуло, И. Ф.
Arutyunyan, M. M.
Арутюнян, М. М.
Minkina, O. V.
Минкина, О. В.
Gapich, A. E.
Гапич, А. Э.
Keywords: Barriers to the social business establishment;Management of regional development;Resource management;Social entrepreneurship;Socio-economic issues;The North Caucasus
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Dorma Journals
Citation: Shapovalov, V.K., Igropulo, I.F., Arutiunian, M.M., Minkina, O.V., Gapich, A.E. Social entrepreneurship as a resource for managing socio-economic issues in the north-caucasus region // Journal of Environmental Treatment Techniques. - 2019. - Volume 7. - Issue Special Issue. - Pages 1175-1179
Series/Report no.: Journal of Environmental Treatment Techniques
Abstract: The article presents an analysis of the socio-economic development of the North Caucasus Federal District, which is referred to as a problematic region by some parameters. The authors show that innovative transformations in the Russian economy shift the management center of regional development to the territorial level, which regards the socio-cultural features of the ethnic economy of each region. The current situation in the North-Caucasus regionis characterized by a high level of social tension, acute socio-economic problems, the settlement hereof is possible on owing to the potential of social entrepreneurship. The situation in the North-Caucasus region is presented in a broad socio-cultural context, which made it possible to identify some barriers (administrative and managerial, economic, social, ethnocultural) preventing the development of socially-oriented business practices
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