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Title: Adaptive system monitoring of the technical condition technological objects based on wireless sensor networks
Authors: Fedorenko, V. V.
Федоренко, В. В.
Keywords: Adaptive monitoring system;Measurement information;Polling;Sensor networks;Sensors;Technical condition;Alarm systems;Wireless sensor networks
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Springer
Citation: Vinogradenko, A., Budko, P., Fedorenko, V. Adaptive System Monitoring of the Technical Condition Technological Objects Based on Wireless Sensor Networks // Communications in Computer and Information Science. - 2020. - Volume 1140 CCIS. - Pages 200-210
Series/Report no.: Communications in Computer and Information Science
Abstract: An analysis was made of existing control systems and telemetry. There are requirements for modern geographically distributed telemetry systems. Simulation of an adaptive system for monitoring the technical condition of technological objects based on wireless sensor networks is considered as a decomposition of particular problems of forming, processing and transmitting measurement information using the methods of the theory of random processes, queuing theory and methods of the theory of signal transmission. We described a method for reducing the redundancy of measurement information in the monitoring systems of the technical condition of technological objects due to its operation in emergency and pre-emergency alarm modes, as well as taking into account external factors. It has been determined that the priority of service requests coming from sensors is characterized by the growth dynamics of the monitored parameter to the established tolerance, which is confirmed by the application service model. It is shown that the system for monitoring the technical condition of technological objects can be made in the form of application service systems, which are a queuing system that registers the flow of accident signals - applications and determine their priorities. Based on the analysis of the use of wireless sensor networks, the possibility of their integration into a simulated system for monitoring the technical condition of geographically distributed control objects is shown. It is shown that for an ordered polling of the elements of the sensor network, a polling system with dynamically changing parameters can be used. A group polling method is described in various polling modes with a fixed number of sensors registering an alarm signal, which makes it possible to significantly increase the efficiency of testing, taking into account possible errors in the transmission of measurement information
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