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Title: 3d-generalization of impulse noise removal method for video data processing
Authors: Chervyakov, N. I.
Червяков, Н. И.
Lyakhov, P. A.
Ляхов, П. А.
Orazaev, A. R.
Оразаев, А. Р.
Keywords: Adaptive filter;Digital video processing;Median filter;Video signal processing
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Institution of Russian Academy of Sciences
Citation: Chervyakov, N.I., Lyakhov, P.A., Orazaev, A.R. 3d-generalization of impulse noise removal method for video data processing // Computer Optics. - 2020. - Volume 44. - Issue 1. - Pages 92-100
Series/Report no.: Computer Optics
Abstract: The paper proposes a generalized method of adaptive median impulse noise filtering for video data processing. The method is based on the combined use of iterative processing and transformation of the result of median filtering based on the Lorentz distribution. Four different combinations of algorithmic blocks of the method are proposed. The experimental part of the paper presents the results of comparing the quality of the proposed method with known analogues. Video distorted by impulse noise with pixel distortion probabilities from 1% to 99% inclusive was used for the simulation. Numerical assessment of the quality of cleaning video data from noise based on the mean square error (MSE) and structural similarity (SSIM) showed that the proposed method shows the best result of processing in all the considered cases, compared with the known approaches. The results obtained in the paper can be used in practical applications of digital video processing, for example, in systems of video surveillance, identification systems and control of industrial processes
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