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Title: Threats and risks of intellectual security in Russia in the conditions of world globalization
Authors: Kalyugina, S. N.
Калюгина, С. Н.
Pyanov, A. I.
Пьянов, А. И.
Keywords: Globalization;Migrations;Human potential;Institutional changes;Regional development;Brain drain;Labor resources
Issue Date: 2020
Citation: Kalyugina, S; Pyanov, A; Strielkowski, W. Threats and risks of intellectual security in Russia in the conditions of world globalization // JOURNAL OF INSTITUTIONAL STUDIES. - 2020. - Том: 12. - Выпуск: 1. - Стр.: 117-127
Abstract: World economy is undergoing constant globalization and internalization which can be seen in public life. However, the crucial place in all these processes is taken by the international labour migration. As a result, and an obvious outcome, comes the migration of scientists and highly-qualified specialists as well as the phenomenon called "brain drain". Our paper studies these processes and points out at the inconsistences that emerge in the assessment of emigration of researchers and highly qualified specialists as well as in measuring the impact of "brain drain" on the state's intellectual security. Due to the political economy and institutional aspects of these issues, they attract attention of the general public and mass media. Our results confirm that this might be due to the fact that are not enough research analytical works devoted to studying these processes and their effects for regional development. In addition, there is a shortage of approaches to studying the outcomes of "brain drain" and intellectual migration in general international migration that emerged in the 1990s. Thence, we show that there is not enough evidence for evaluating the inter-dependence between "brain drain" and intellectual security and regional development
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