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Title: Protocol for secure and reliable data transmission in MANET based on modular arithmetic
Authors: Deryabin, M. A.
Дерябин, М. А.
Babenko, M. G.
Бабенко, М. Г.
Nazarov, A. S.
Назаров, А. С.
Kucherov, N. N.
Кучеров, Н. Н.
Karachevtsev, A. A.
Карачевцев, А. А.
Glotov, A. S.
Глотов, А. С.
Vashchenko, I. S.
Ващенко, И. С.
Keywords: Computational security;Data transmission;MANET;Reliability of communications;Residue number system (RNS);Secret sharing schemes;Data communication systems
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Citation: Deryabin, M., Babenko, M., Nazarov, A., Kucherov, N., Karachevtsev, A., Glotov, A., Vashchenko, I. Protocol for secure and reliable data transmission in MANET based on modular arithmetic // 2019 International Conference on Engineering and Telecommunication, EnT 2019. - 2019. - Номер статьи 9030580
Series/Report no.: 2019 International Conference on Engineering and Telecommunication, EnT 2019
Abstract: Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks is gaining ground due to the proliferation of simple low-power devices and the introduction of the concepts of the Internet of Things, smart city, and smart manufacturing. It makes the problem of data protection and ensuring the reliability of communications in such networks important for a solution in the near future. In this paper, it is proposed that MANET ensure the reliability and security of communications based on the Redundant Residue Number System (RRNS). This approach is distinguished by its versatility, which consists in the ability to control data integrity and implement computationally secure secret sharing simultaneously based on Residue Number System (RNS). Distributed representation of data in the RNS in combination with multi-path routing solves several MANET problems related to the confidentiality, availability, and integrity of the transmitted data. The work shows that the use of special algorithms for encoding and decoding data in RNS also allows achieving high performance relative to well-known analogs
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