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Title: Effect of ozone on antagonistic activity of lactobacilli
Authors: Ismailov, A. A.
Исмаилов, А. А.
Timchenko, L. D.
Тимченко, Л. Д.
Bondareva, N. I.
Бондарева, Н. И.
Avanesyan, S. S.
Аванесян, С. С.
Keywords: Antagonistic activity of lactobacilli;Antagonistic factors;Effect of ozone on microorganisms;Lactic acid;Ozone
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Journal of Global Pharma Technology
Citation: Ismailov, A.A., Timchenko, L.D., Bondareva, N.I., Avanesyan, S.S., Amliyeva, A.Z. Effect of ozone on antagonistic activity of lactobacilli // Journal of Global Pharma Technology. - 2020. - Volume 12. - Issue 2. -Pages 761-767
Series/Report no.: Journal of Global Pharma Technology
Abstract: This article describes study results that confirm the effect of ozone on the antagonistic effect of Lactobacillus plantarum 8P-A3 against Bacillus subtilis, Escherichia coli and Candida albicans test cultures. A stable (within 48 hours) dose-dependent effect on lactobacilli antagonistic activity was proven; it was maintained in all used ozone concentrations (from <0.29 mg/L, 0.29 mg/L, 0.38 mg/L). It was found that the intensity of lactic acid formation which is the most important criterion for lactobacilli antagonistic activity is significantly higher at the ozone concentration of < 0.29 mg/L than in control samples; herewith the bacterium retains the properties of a strong antagonist. Level of lactic acid at the doses of 0.29 mg/L and 0.38 mg/L is reduced in comparison to control samples, and lactobacilli can be characterized as weak antagonists
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