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Title: The assessment of the sorption capacity of enterosorbents at the risk of heavy metal poisoning
Authors: Andrusenko, S. F.
Андрусенко, С. Ф.
Anfinogenova, O. I.
Анфиногенова, О. И.
Denisova, E. V.
Денисова, Е. В.
Keywords: Heavy metals;Enterosorbents
Issue Date: 2020
Citation: Andrusenko, SF; Anfinogenova, OI; Denisova, EV. The Assessment of the Sorption Capacity of Enterosorbents at the Risk of Heavy Metal Poisoning // ENTOMOLOGY AND APPLIED SCIENCE LETTERS. - 2020. - Том: 7. - Выпуск: 1. - Стр.: 10-13
Abstract: It was carried out a comparative determination of the effectiveness of the detoxification activity of sorbents about heavy metals. It was found that the half-adsorption period is approximately 30 minutes and it does not depend on the type of sorbent. The maximum sorption capacity for sorbents relative to heavy metals was determined. Rows of sorbent activity about heavy metals were constructed. The influence of the pH of the medium on the value of the specific adsorption of sorbents was studied. The assessment of desorption processes in conditions close to physiological in the environment of "artificial" intestinal juice was carried out to establish the possibility of secondary metal intoxication. The results can be used to select the optimal detoxifying agent and correct the elimination of the consequences of heavy metal poisoning
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