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Title: Changes in the concentration of ethyl alcohol in the blood when it is stored in different temperature conditions
Authors: Andrusenko, S. F.
Андрусенко, С. Ф.
Denisova, E. V.
Денисова, Е. В.
Anfinogenova, O. I.
Анфиногенова, О. И.
Melchenko, E. A.
Мельченко, Е. А.
Kadanova, A. A.
Каданова, А. А.
Keywords: Temperature modes of storage of biological samples;Ethyl alcohol
Issue Date: 2020
Citation: Andrusenko, SF; Denisova, EV; Anfinogenova, OI; Melchenko, EA; Kadanova, AA; Brycina, IE. CHANGES IN THE CONCENTRATION OF ETHYL ALCOHOL IN THE BLOOD WHEN IT IS STORED IN DIFFERENT TEMPERATURE CONDITIONS // PHARMACOPHORE. - Том: 11. - Выпуск: 3. - Стр.: 75-77
Series/Report no.: PHARMACOPHORE
Abstract: The article deals with changes in the concentration of ethanol in the blood in the structure of mortality in the Stavropol region. The interval of delivery of objects to the forensic chemical Department from the regional forensic medical departments of the region is from 5 to 14 days. In this connection, it is important to determine the content of ethanol in the storage of cadaverous blood in various conditions. While stored in a common refrigerator chamber during the experiment, after 4 weeks, the level of ethanol increases, the values of which reach a level that can serve as a basis for an erroneous conclusion about the fact of alcohol consumption by the deceased before death. In samples that initially do not contain alcohol, while stored in the laboratory, a new formation of ethyl alcohol occurs; in samples that contain alcohol, the indicator is increased. When freezing cadaveric blood in which initially alcohol was not detected for up to 4 weeks the formation of ethyl alcohol was not noted
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