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Title: Anthropomorphic manipulator master-slave teleoperation using 3D depth sensor and color camera
Authors: Petrenko, V. I.
Петренко, В. И.
Tebueva, F. B.
Тебуева, Ф. Б.
Gurchinsky, M. M.
Гурчинский, М. М.
Svistunov, N. Y.
Свистунов, Н. Ю.
Nestulya, A. K.
Нестуля, А. К.
Keywords: Anthropomorphic manipulator;Depth sensor;Joint angles;Kinect;Master-slave teleoperation
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Institute of Physics Publishing
Citation: Petrenko, V.I., Tebueva, F.B., Gurchinskiy, M.M., Svistunov, N.Y., Nestulya, A.K. Anthropomorphic manipulator master-slave teleoperation using 3D depth sensor and color camera // IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering. - 2020. - Volume 873. - Issue 1. - Номер статьи 012028
Series/Report no.: IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering
Abstract: The article proposes a method for anthropomorphic manipulator teleoperation based on data processing using depth and color cameras of the Kinect controller. Processing data with Kinect allows to determine the coordinates of the nodal points of the operator's body, which, after recalculation, can be used to generate control signals for the manipulator. The article describes the algorithm and the mathematical apparatus for determining the angles of the operator's arm joints in real time. The proposed method can be used to control the joints of the manipulator of an anthropomorphic robot, and can also be adapted to control manipulators with a kinematic structure different from the structure of human arm, or to implement other control methods such as gesture control
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