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Title: X-ray diffraction analysis of ysag:Yb ceramic powders with different stoichiometry
Authors: Nikova, M. S.
Никова, М. С.
Vakalov, D. S.
Вакалов, Д. С.
Tarala, V. A.
Тарала, В. А.
Chikulina, I. S.
Чикулина, И. С.
Malyavin, F. F.
Малявин, Ф. Ф.
Ambartsumov, M. G.
Амбарцумов, М. Г.
Keywords: Unit cell parameter;YSAG:Yb;Ceramic powders;Garnet;Scandium;Stoichiometry;X-ray diffraction analysis;Powders
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Trans Tech Publications Ltd
Citation: Nikova, M.S., Vakalov, D.S., Tarala, V.A., Chikulina, I.S., Malyavin, F.F., Ambarcumov, M.G. X-ray diffraction analysis of ysag:Yb ceramic powders with different stoichiometry // Solid State PhenomenaVolume. - 2020. - Volume 310. SSP. - Pages 1-5
Series/Report no.: Solid State Phenomena
Abstract: Synthesis of YSAG:Yb ceramic powders with different stoichiometry by chemical precipitation method was carried out. It has been established that scandium can replace both dodecahedral and octahedral positions of garnet. It is shown that scandium is embedded in those positions that become available to it when the YAG:Yb composition deviates from stoichiometric. Thus, scandium can compensate for the lack of one of the components of the oxide composition Y2O3, Yb2O3, and Al2O3 during the formation of the garnet phase
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