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Title: Patriotism and criticism of the defects of the commune in Florence 14th - 15th centuries
Authors: Krasnova, I. A.
Краснова, И. А.
Keywords: Commune of Florence;Priory;Taxation sphere;Legislative initiative;Citizenship;Shortcomings of the communal system;Glorification of the city;Republic
Issue Date: 2020
Citation: Krasnova, I. Patriotism and criticism of the defects of the commune in Florence 14th - 15th centuries // ISTORIYA-ELEKTRONNYI NAUCHNO-OBRAZOVATELNYI ZHURNAL. - 2020. - Том: 11. - Выпуск: 10
Series/Report no.: Istoriya
Abstract: The article attempts to reveal the essence of the contradiction in the perception of Florentine citizens concerning their fatherland. On the one hand, they showed undoubted patriotism and love for their city-state, with which they connected the key moments of life: the origins of the family, marriage and death. On the other hand, they criticized the flaws of the communal system that they experienced - sociopolitical instability, too frequent turnover of Priorats, which resulted in incompetence, irresponsibility and passivity of priors, chaos in the legislation, weakness of the judicial and legislative bodies and the armed forces. Gradually, an understanding developed in the minds of citizens that the shortcomings of their socio-political system were inseparable from republican values and the broad system of democracy
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